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Webinar: Back to School 2018

Just in time for fall – the Back to School 2018 Webinar is being led by Poll Everywhere’s very own customer support specialist Tim Sherrill. This one will offer insights for both experienced users and for instructors just starting to use Poll Everywhere as a classroom response system. It happens Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018, from… continue reading »

Choose the perfect colors for your venue with light and dark themes

Nearly every aspect of a Poll Everywhere activity can be recolored to match your presentation’s unique style. The text, response chart, even the audience response screen – all can be adjusted to colors you choose. Now, you can also use visualization themes to stylize activities with a single click. Together, these themes let you quickly… continue reading »

Showcase individual audience responses with Spotlight

Did you know you can customize open-ended activities with one of four different response visualizations? Open the visual settings menu on an open-ended activity to see for yourself. Alongside Text wall, Word cloud, and Cluster, there’s a new visualization to explore: Spotlight. Check out Spotlight in action below. This visualization is an upgraded version of… continue reading »

Create a seamless audience experience with branded response pages

Branded response pages are now available for Poll Everywhere customers on certain premium plans. Established and aspiring brands know the importance of consistent, polished branding. Poll Everywhere has always offered unparalleled brand customization in the live chart view — the animated, real-time chart that displays audience responses on the presentation screen. That extensive customization is… continue reading »

Our most colorful activity just got a new coat of paint

Word cloud is an audience favorite among Poll Everywhere activities. Seeing words pop, fade, and fly across the screen draws so many “oohs” and “aahs” from the audience it’s like having a little fireworks display right on stage. Together, these words tell a story. Two new upgrades help deliver that story faster than before. You… continue reading »

Net neutrality matters

Net neutrality ensures that people – not companies – have the freedom to choose what they see online. It ensures the market, comprised of individual people making individual decisions, determines what is successful and popular online – not AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and other companies with vested interests. There is a real possibility that net neutrality… continue reading »