November 2023 Product Updates

What’s New

Poll Everywhere x Zoom

Poll Everywhere is now available for Zoom! Engage participants directly within the Zoom meeting window to maximize participation and retention.

With Poll Everywhere for Zoom, you can expect to: 

  • Integrate seamlessly with popular presentation software like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.
  • Save time by eliminating app-switching hassles for an uninterrupted presentation experience.
  • Install directly from your Zoom meeting window or the Zoom App Marketplace.
  • Boost meeting engagement by sharing interactive polls and quizzes with live results on-screen.

New Releases

Auto-Fit Content

Auto-Fit Settings Gif (1)

We recently released a brand new visual setting that will automatically scale your answer options to fit within the screen for Multiple Choice and Ranking polls. You can set auto-fit content in the Visual Settings panel to turn this feature on. 

Without Auto-fit
Higher Ed Example w out Auto Fit

With Auto-fit

Higher Ed Example w Auto Fit

Release Notes

  • We made several accessibility improvements to the platform including:
    • Adding alternative text to the QR code
    • Fixed the keyboard focus in the activity creator tool
    • Improved screen reader narration of executive summary reports and the success message once a folder is deleted on the My Activities page
    • Updated screen reader naming for the  “send” button when testing “Text Message” in the “Test” panel
  • Poll Everywhere admins can now sort their presenter lists by first name, last name, email, role, created at, or last login
  • QR Codes are now optional and can be inserted or removed in the Visual Settings panel
    QR Code
  • Decreased the spacing between Q&A answers so that more participant responses can fit on the screen

    Q&A Spacing
  • Released a fix for the display order of answer options in Donut Chart
  • Auto-fit is now available for template polls (only for Multiple Choice and Ranking activity types)
  • Adjusted keyword placement to be right-aligned to create visual separation from the answer options
  • For answer options with a 0% result, the bar column will now show no gray coloring in the answer bar


Old 0% Result


0% Result Updated

  • Donut charts with multiple answer options will now be scaled properly so that  answer titles aren’t cut off


    Old Donut Chart Scaling


    New Donut Chart Scaling
  • We added the “more” menu back to presenter controls which includes the “always show controls” option

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