7 interactive presentation games for large teams

Four experts. Three rounds. One survivor. That was the wrinkle Mark Fordham, VP of Customer Success at iMeet Central, added to his company’s recurring panel discussions. Each panelist answers specific questions related to his or her field. Then the audience votes for their favorite responses. The panelist with the fewest votes is voted off the… continue reading »

8 advanced Poll Everywhere features for greater audience engagement

This is part two in a two-part series highlighting features that can open new possibilities for audience engagement. Read Part I: 8 advanced Poll Everywhere features for greater student engagement.   Just as educators have their go-to methods for engagement, presenters, corporate trainers, and instructional designers have their tried-and-true audience engagement moves: Icebreakers. A fun… continue reading »

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The role of live polling in assessment, with Bronwyn Ryrie Jones

Poll Everywhere welcomes intern Aubreyanna Murray as the guest author of this post.   This summer, I had the pleasure of interning with the Poll Everywhere marketing team. One of my assignments included finding influencers: people who excel at using Poll Everywhere and love to tell others about it. That search led me to the… continue reading »

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How to collect anonymous feedback with Poll Everywhere

Kansas Youth Pastor Cam Brennan wanted to discuss sex and dating with teenagers. This is a tricky topic under the best circumstances. Brennan knew the teens in his youth group felt pressured to be sexually active, but didn’t know to what extent, or how they felt. He needed a safe environment where they could pose… continue reading »

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Webinar: Back to School 2018

Just in time for fall – the Back to School 2018 Webinar is being led by Poll Everywhere’s very own customer support specialist Tim Sherrill. This one will offer insights for both experienced users and for instructors just starting to use Poll Everywhere as a classroom response system. It happens Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018, from… continue reading »

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20 word cloud activities for a live audience

Vaughn Bagley had to connect 300 watch parties scattered nationwide for the premiere of I AM EVIDENCE, a documentary on the widespread mismanagement of rape kits. As Special Projects Manager at Joyful Heart Foundation, Bagley wanted each of the 300 watch parties to share their reactions to the film as if they were all in… continue reading »