Breaking down a successful student presentation

Poll Everywhere welcomes Dr. John Rich from Delaware State University as the guest author of this post.   Every few semesters, when I am planning my courses, I make some changes. If I do the same thing, teach the same way, and give out the same assessments, I get bored. In my lifetime, I’ve noticed… continue reading »

How one teacher prepares her students for difficult conversations

Disagreement may be habit-forming. Believing your opinion is right, or that your cause is righteous, is reassuring. It adds certainty to an uncertain time. Like all good things, however, it can become destructive when taken to extremes. Feeling overly right, righteous, certain, or safe (read: willfully ignorant) blinds you to the nuance and ambiguity that… continue reading »

Holiday conversations in a polarized world

Poll Everywhere welcomes Gabriel Grant and Jason Jay, authors of Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World, as the guest authors of this post. In today’s highly polarized political climate, even time spent with family and friends can quickly turn contentious. There we are, innocently gathering around the holiday dinner table,… continue reading »

Net neutrality matters

Net neutrality ensures that people – not companies – have the freedom to choose what they see online. It ensures the market, comprised of individual people making individual decisions, determines what is successful and popular online – not AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and other companies with vested interests. There is a real possibility that net neutrality… continue reading »

Donuts on a plate

Donuts join Poll Everywhere’s growing lineup of response charts

Announcing Poll Everywhere’s latest — and tastiest — response chart: donut. Donut charts have joined Poll Everywhere’s growing lineup of response visualizations, including bar charts, live word clouds, and more. Together, Poll Everywhere’s growing suite of visual settings ensures you have the right tools to engage any audience. Donut charts are available now for all… continue reading »