January 2024 Product Updates

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What’s New

Attendance Management with Mobile Check In-1

Introducing Attendance Management 🎉

Our newest feature, Attendance Management, allows you to automatically track in-person attendance and seamlessly connect that data to your preferred Learning Management System. With Attendance Management, you can get rid of time-consuming manual attendance methods such as roll-calls and spreadsheets. Combined with Poll Everywhere’s dynamic suite of polling activities, you can ensure that participants are not only present, but also actively engaged. 

What to expect with Attendance Management? 

  • Fully automated attendance to create more reliable records
  • Geofencing location services to create accountability and prevent attendance cheating
  • Measured engagement through attendance and participation scoring
  • Ability to export attendance and participation reports, and integrate with Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Brightspace, Sakai, Canvas, and Blackboard

New Releases

Jan 2024 Product Update Blog Assets

Poll Everywhere for Powerpoint (Windows) Version 4.0.1 

Our most recent Windows release brings faster and more reliable performance as well as increased security. With this release you can expect: 

  • Faster presentation of Poll Everywhere activities in PowerPoint and fix for flickering of activity slides during slide transitions
  • Major bug fix where presenters who used shared computers had difficulty logging in
  • Activity slide insertion, activation, sync performance have all been improved drastically 

Release Notes

  • We have made numerous accessibility improvements including:
    • Screen reader improvements
      • Differentiating between main and sub contents on activity detail page
      • Label added to response text field in Open-ended activities and Q&A polls
      • Sorting of activities table and participant table is now announced by screenreaders
      • Better identification of of participant group status when reading the participant table
      • Focus of screenreader is now in sequential order when creating an activity
      • When image is uploaded, screen reader will now announce a success message
    • Keyboard Focusing and Navigation
      • All controls on the Activity Detail page are now Keyboard accessible
      • Flyouts are now collapsed after keyboard focus moves out of 'Help' and 'Presenter tips' flyouts
    • Contrast
      • The following areas have been updated to meet WCAG 2.1 AA contrast ratio requirements:
        • SMS test panel
        • Reports page links
        • Report detail page links
        • Log in pages
        • Participant name overlay
        • Send a copy of an activity overlay
      • Improved contrast in high contrast modes so that:
        • Controls are visible in the left navigation
        • Selected and non-selected controls are differentiated
    • Alt Text Improvements
      • The option to add Alt text to uploaded response images has been moved out of beta and enabled on all accounts
      • Alt text added to three resources cards on Poll Everywhere homepage
  • Releases, Improvements and Bug Fixes:
    • Windows Presenter 4.0.1 fix - in some conditions the first presented activity had issues activating properly, our team has deployed a fix for this
    • Improved Activity Thumbnails scaling in the Reporting dashboard
    • Duplicate folder fix - in some conditions, deleting duplicate folders caused the folder hierarchy to be lost. Our team has deployed a fix for this.

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