April 2024 Product Updates

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Introducing Auto Roster Sync 🎉

Our latest release,  Auto Roster Sync, enables educators to synchronize course rosters between Poll Everywhere and their Learning Management System (LMS) automatically every night. This feature saves instructors valuable time, allowing them to concentrate on teaching instead of administrative duties. In addition, we have made some enhancements to the system to streamline the syncing process and make it more user-friendly.

What to expect with Auto Roster Sync? 

  • Automatically sync rosters overnight so professors can focus on class content rather than administrative tasks
  • Sync multiple rosters on demand
  • View the last sync date
  • Control which classes automatically sync and which are handled manually

New Releases

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Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint (Windows) Version 4.1.0 

Our most recent Windows release brings faster and more reliable performance as well as increased security. With this release, you can expect: 

  • Important security enhancements
  • Faster slide activation and smoother slide transitions
  • Improvements to login behavior on shared computers
  • Ability to screen share specific PowerPoint windows  in Zoom or Webex

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Release Notes

  • We have made numerous accessibility improvements including:
    • ‘Help’ and ‘Presenter tips’ sub-menus have been adjusted so that they are accessible by screenreader technology
    • Labels have been applied to all elements in the Visual Settings menu to ensure screenreader compatibility
    • Labels have been applied to all elements on the homepage to ensure screenreader compatibility
    • Added ‘Select All’ label to the Participants page
    • Fixed screenreader labels to better support users when creating new activities
    • ‘Help’ and ‘Presenter tips’ sub-menus have been adjusted so that they disappear on tab
    • All items in the Visual Settings panel are now keyboard accessible in the expected order
    • Navigation now expands when the focus is toggled to ‘Expand’ & ‘Collapse’
    • Keyboard can now be used to remove email addresses when selecting a recipient to receive a copy  of an activity 
    • Keyboard navigation will remain in the Add Participant overlay until the user closes the overlay
    • Updates to contrast in navigation
    • The “Learn More” language on the Activities Dashboard has been clarified so that it is more intuitive
  • Releases, Improvements and Bug Fixes:
    • Fix in Competitions on the browser so that the slide will not accidentally advance and both presenter and participant will be synced to the same slide
    • SAML prompt fixed on presenter app so that users can register or login without using SAML

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