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BYOD vs clickers: 5 conclusions from research

Ever since Poll Everywhere made clicker-free audience response possible in 2008, classroom response systems have fallen into one of two categories: clicker-based and web-based, also known as app-based, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Poll Everywhere is a web-based solution with an optional mobile app. It offers the flexibility to use SMS text messaging, in-app… continue reading »

Live audience polling in your Google Slides presentation

Here’s a scenario no one enjoys: You finish your Google Slides presentation and, with a sigh of relief, ask, “Does anyone have any questions?” Crickets. You know in your heart that someone must have a question. Maybe they’re nervous, or afraid of appearing ignorant in front of their peers. Whatever the reason, the silence is… continue reading »

8 advanced Poll Everywhere features for greater student engagement

This is part one in a two-part series highlighting features that can open new possibilities for assessment and engagement. Stay tuned for Part II: 8 advanced Poll Everywhere features for greater audience engagement. In preparation for a new school season, educators are finalizing syllabi with new lessons, and putting the finishing touches on Poll Everywhere… continue reading »

Creating a private space for a public conversation

Poll Everywhere welcomes our own recruiter Jessica Lam as the guest author of this post.   I recently volunteered for the College Career and Pathway program (CCP) at the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). During my first presentation, not a single question was asked. I found it hard to believe that an entire class… continue reading »

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16 beautiful picture poll ideas you can use today

Whether your picture poll is about the images or uses them as response options, Poll Everywhere has you covered. I created each picture poll below with a free Poll Everywhere account. Poll Everywhere lets you ask interactive questions in PowerPoint or directly from the web. The audience responds on their devices and the results update… continue reading »

Choose the perfect colors for your venue with light and dark themes

Nearly every aspect of a Poll Everywhere activity can be recolored to match your presentation’s unique style. The text, response chart, even the audience response screen – all can be adjusted to colors you choose. Now, you can also use visualization themes to stylize activities with a single click. Together, these themes let you quickly… continue reading »