WARNING: Mad Scientists Take Over Poll Everywhere


Gene Wilder in Young FrankensteinIntroducing Poll Everywhere Labs–where our mad scientists animate new life.

Compelled by dark forces beyond their control, Poll Everywhere’s team of radical engineers have concocted schemes beyond your wildest imagination to make your presentations fantabulous, incredible, or just plain NOT BORING.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s currently alive available.  Remember, all these features are in Beta, so this stuff can change, break, or decompose disappear at any time.  

Discourses:  allow your audience to vote on free text responses.  Perfect for brainstorming and large Audience Q&A.

Simple Keywords:  allow your live audience to vote with A, B, C etc on multiple choice polls; and without entering a keyword prefix for free text polls.  Note that this product does not currently work with Twitter.

HTML5 Polls:  watch our progress as we move to a flashless world.

Poll Sorting:  Choose how to sort polls within groups on your My Polls page.

Copy Entire Groups of Polls:  great for copying surveys and reducing data entry overhead for conferences asking the same set of questions after many breakout sessions; or by educators using similar questions in multiple sections.

(Not)Boring Mode:  Where the dark yet playful imaginations come out to play.  See hidden funny surprises around our site.

If you dare, visit Poll Everywhere Labs and let us know:  Which creatures features are you most excited about trying?


  • AZWebcasting

    Looking forward to trying out the new features… Great job by the development team… Keep up the great work!

  • celliu

    I can’t wait for the discourse lab to become active! I love this for my classroom!

  • Jsmith

    Love Poll Everywhere! Thanks guys!