Introducing Attendance Management: Poll Everywhere’s Automated Attendance Feature

Poll Everywhere’s attendance tracking feature, Attendance Management, helps presenters streamline attendance taking and ensures participants stay engaged throughout the presentation through dynamic polling. This new feature will allow presenters to track participant attendance through the use of geolocation. 

Gone are the days of manual attendance tracking through lengthy spreadsheets and time-consuming roll calls that are unreliable. Attendance Management automatically tracks attendance for presenters and helps them redirect focus toward meaningful interactions with their audience.  

Attendance Management allows presenters to:

  • Fully automate attendance taking to create more reliable records
  • Use geofencing location services to create accountability and prevent attendance cheating
  • Measure participant engagement through attendance and participation scoring
  • Export attendance and participation reports and integrate with Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Brightspace, Sakai, Canvas, and Blackboard

Once set, Attendance Management automatically tracks attendance for presenters in the background as they present activities. 

Here is a brief overview of how it works:

  • Set geofenced attendance locations where you intend to present content
  • Automatically prompt participants to check into geofenced locations before joining a presentation
  • Participants check into presentations by verifying their physical location

Note: Poll Everywhere never stores or shares any location data. We do, however, show participants their own latitude and longitude for troubleshooting purposes. This location data is only stored on participants’ own devices.

Whether you’re a college instructor seeking to draw disengaged students back to post-pandemic classrooms or a corporate trainer hosting mandatory sessions for employees, Poll Everywhere’s new Attendance Management feature is a versatile attendance-tracking solution for creating greater accountability while also boosting participation.

For a limited time, Attendance Management is available at no additional cost in our Engage, Teams, Enterprise, and Individual Instructor plans.

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