Summer-themed activities to energize your remote team

Summertime is the season we all look forward to. The warmer weather, fun outdoor activities, and downtime is much needed after months of working. Most coworkers take time-off and go on vacation and work slows down. Everyone is happy! Except, there is one downside to summer – workplace productivity decreases by 20% during the summer according to a recent study. 45% of workers are more distracted and 13% of projects take longer to complete. With the global pandemic preventing many from traveling this summer, workplace productivity may be even lower as many people daydream of the vacations they are missing out on.

Don’t let your remote team fall into the summer slump – energize your team with fun summer-themed virtual activities to bring up their spirits and keep them engaged. We’ve created different Poll Everywhere activities that you can copy directly into your account.

No-brainer icebreakers

Icebreakers are a great way to turn a dull meeting into an exciting one. Icebreakers help team members bond and stay connected even if they are all working remotely. We’ve created a few short, easy to answer questions all about summer that you can ask your remote team. Asking easy questions with no-brainer answers is the best way to engage your team as they won’t have to overthink their answers.

Best summer fruit? 🍑

What is your ideal summer weather? 🌡

Best summer beverage? 🍹

Spark a debate

Have you ever asked your coworker about their favorite food and ended up in a heated debate about who’s favorite is better than the others? We have. It is in our nature to spark friendly debates and defend our favorite things. Bolster conversations amongst your remote team members by asking these open-response questions about their summer faves.

Where is your dream summer vacation destination? 🏝

What is your favorite summer sport? ⚽️

What is your favorite frozen dessert?🍦

Exciting trivia

Of course, the best way to re-energize  your remote team is with a little friendly competition. Use Poll Everywhere Competitions to gamify your next meeting and challenge your team to a fun game of trivia.

How much do you know about the beach?

Dream tropical vacation trivia

Don’t let this summer go to waste. Enjoy the time indoors and have fun with your team! Consider hosting a virtual happy hour for your team. For inspiration, read more about how the Poll Everywhere team uses our own product to guess each other’s baby pictures.