How to run an inclusive retrospective meeting

Poll Everywhere is a retrospective-driven company. That company prides itself on a flat, data-driven team structure. We rarely operate on top-down decision making. Because of this, it’s vital that we run well-oiled retros that expose small issues before they mutate into large ones. That means making everyone feel comfortable expressing themselves honestly in front of… continue reading »

From classroom to boardroom: a high school teacher’s presentation tips

“In 1930 the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, in an effort to alleviate the effects of the… Anyone? Anyone? …The Great Depression, passed the… Anyone? …the tariff bill. The Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act, which…” This clip from the 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a masterclass in failing to connect with the audience. And yet, it’s… continue reading »

10 instructor-led training activities for before, during, after training

“Despite declines, half of all employee training hours are still spent in instructor-led classrooms.” From ATD’s 2017 Statue of the Industry report, this quote is the core of Sam Cauthen’s “Get more out of ILT” webinar. Cauthen is the COO and Head of People Operations at Poll Everywhere with a background in consulting, organizational design, and… continue reading »

15 tried-and-true meeting ice breaker questions

Good meeting icebreaker questions are the cornerstones of good Poll Everywhere presentations. They signal to the audience that the event will be interactive, and introduce how to use Poll Everywhere in a low-stakes environment ahead of the presentation proper. I surveyed the top 1,500 active accounts to see what meeting icebreaker questions are asked by… continue reading »

15 all-hands meeting ideas that engage large audiences

An all-hands should never be just another meeting. The entire company’s creative energy is at your disposal. The walls separating departments and corporate hierarchy are down for a few hours. Capitalize on this rare opportunity with these all-hands meeting ideas that empower every individual to speak out, share ideas, and collaborate on a company-wide scale…. continue reading »