July Update: Poll Everywhere has a new look


Summer has a way of slowing things down. Not at Poll Everywhere. Our poll elves work year-round to continually provide monthly product updates that make your experience more accessible, interactive, and engaging. We’re excited to share July’s update with you: the Poll Everywhere makeover.

While we may not have actually received a makeover, we did put on a brand new face. Well, our activities did.

Introducing the new standard


The sleek update includes changes to the anonymity display, voting instructions, activity title, and dark or bright theme customization. Now that voting instructions are located at the top of the activity, your audience can quickly and easily see how to respond. This update also helps maximize screen real estate.

Creating an anonymous poll? This will now be displayed with a dark grey overlay, now located at the bottom to keep attention on your activated poll or activity.

Presenting in a darker environment? We have you covered. In the interest of visual ergonomics, you can customize your poll by selecting either a bright or dark theme. For full customization capabilities, check out our paid plans.


You can now insert video in PowerPoint using Poll Everywhere. With over 300 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube daily, you’ll have a rich visual library to choose from for your next presentation.

Poll Everywhere and Slack have met, and it’s a match made in heaven. For those countless times that you need a poll answered quickly and have no time to create a presentation, we have you covered. Also, we’ve been there. Check out these Slack tips for pollings-on-the-go.

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