February news: inserting video in PowerPoint, Poll Everywhere for iPad, and one-click competitions

Insert video for Poll Everywhere

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean fewer goodies in your Poll Everywhere account. Here’s your monthly product update.

Announcing Insert Video

Every day, an astounding 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Now, you can put that massive video library to work in your lecture or presentation. Find the perfect match for your content, then insert the video directly into PowerPoint just as easily as you insert any other activity.

Bonus: you can even insert entire webpages. To get started, update to the latest version of Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint and Keynote, then follow the instructions for Windows or for macOS.

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Poll Everywhere for iOS Beta

Sleek, simple, and fast as lightning, the beta release of Poll Everywhere for iPhone and iPad is now in the hands of a pioneering group of testers (thanks testers). In the coming weeks, we’ll open the doors a bit wider. Add your name to the list below to request access, or register for the upcoming webinar to find out what’s new (hint: almost everything).

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Add these sample competitions to your account

Copy Competitions banner

Once we released Competitions in October, it didn’t take long for the newest activity type to shoot up the leaderboard as a preferred method of audience engagement.

Now you can make your own competition with just a click. Below are a few widely beloved competitions from educators and presenters across the globe. Use the links below to copy your favorite to your own account, and watch the confetti perform its magic.

How Slack is creating a more inclusive classroom

Slack promotional image

Slack — that powerhouse of team communication — is being adopted by educators at an impressive pace. Find out how to put it to good use in your classroom to nurture more productive conversations and more fruitful collaboration.

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How to craft a killer presentation

Being a Poll Everywhere user, you likely know more than most about creating compelling presentations. But given that an astounding 91 percent of professionals admit to having daydreamed during a presentation, revisiting the fundamentals is never a bad idea.

Hone your skills

Which format is best for your presentation?

Lecture? Fireside chat? Panel discussion? Which format reinforces your content, and which distracts from it? Guest author and career coach Abby Wolfe shares the pros and cons of each presentation format to help you optimize your next event for maximum effect.

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