How PollEvians use Poll Everywhere – Music Mashup

We at Poll Everywhere love trivia, which is why we created Competitions. Since the start of shelter-in-place, we’ve held weekly Friday virtual happy hours for our team members to stay connected and celebrate a week’s worth of work with a little bit of fun. To spice things up and relieve our wonderful People Operations team, the week’s Competition winner has to host the next happy hour. Our Product Marketing Manager, Abby Stiris, took the reins for one week and created a unique competition – Can you guess these music mashups?

Abby’s unique competition was a technological orchestra – shared screen and audio, live Competition, and 10 eager players on a Zoom call. Here’s how she did it:

To start, Abby searched creative mashups of popular songs such as:

A mix of recent hits with older classics:

And mashups that just work:

After compiling a playlist with each song, Abby created a Competition and had us guess which songs were included in the mashups. After a short preview of the song, we had 20 seconds to guess the songs. This was the toughest trivia yet, as half of us knew today’s hits and the other half only knew the classics.

We applaud Abby for her innovative use of Competitions and live audio to create an exciting live trivia! This happy hour is definitely one for the books. If you want to try this mashup Competition or discover an innovative way to use Poll Everywhere, share it with us on Twitter (@PollEverywhere) and use #PollEverywhere.