Engage your audience with Poll Everywhere for Webex by Cisco

Collaboration comes down to real conversations. When presenting to an audience, hearing from everyone turns one-sided content delivery into dialogue. Especially in a world of hybrid, flexible work, it’s up to presenters to shine the spotlight back on the audience and learn from everyone in the room.

Give everyone a voice with Poll Everywhere for Webex. Provide this new channel so participants joining virtually can follow along and respond to all of your activities — from Word clouds to Q&As to Competitions and everything in between — without leaving their meeting window.

How it works

To get started, launch your Webex Meeting and find Poll Everywhere in the Apps panel. From here, you can log in or create a free account to start collaborating.

Once you click “Open together” in the Poll Everywhere app, you can share your screen to present activities as usual — from your browser or slide deck. Participants will automatically see Poll Everywhere in their own meeting windows and be able to respond without any additional steps.

Create a seamless, inclusive meeting environment with a wide range of activities. As you present interactive questions, every attendee will get an opportunity to contribute. Those joining remotely will not even need to leave the Webex Meeting to share their thoughts.

Find Poll Everywhere in the Webex App Hub


Ready to spark real conversations and walk away with actionable feedback? Try some of these activities in your next Webex Meeting:

  • Word cloud: In one word, how do you feel about this topic?
  • Clickable image: Where are you joining from today?
  • Q&A: Where can we improve?
  • Open-ended: Let’s brainstorm — submit your ideas for our next project.


With Poll Everywhere, leaving a meeting on in the background is out of the question. Participants aren’t just watching a livestream, they’re actively engaging with your content, providing feedback, and working toward shared team goals.

After the meeting, try presenting your activities in other sessions to collect even more responses. Then, run a report on the results to set goals, inform strategy, and share findings.

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