Spooktacular virtual Halloween activities for all of October

Spooky season is upon us! If you love Halloween as much as we do, then you know that Halloween festivities start as soon as the clock strikes midnight on September 30th. It is never too early for a little spooktober fun, and we’ve compiled a list of ghoulishly delightful virtual Halloween activities for you to play with your remote team this month.

Halloween isn’t your cup of tea? Try these 6 virtual fall activities to spice up your team bonding.

Ghosts of Halloweens past

Halloween is a bit different this year. With in-person parties and costume contests put on hold, many of us may not be as motivated to dress up this year and that’s okay. This is the perfect opportunity to dig up photos of old costumes (good or bad) and share great Halloween stories from your past.

Spice things up by making it a contest. Create a Poll Everywhere clickable image activity and insert the images from your colleagues for your team to vote on. You can use standard categories such as “Scariest makeup” or “Most creative” or if you notice any trends in the costumes shared, group the images into fun categories. Fun ideas include “Best Harley Quinn & Joker” (we all know at least ONE person who did this in 2016), “Best 90’s pop star”, or “Best Marvel character”.

Games for when you’re up-to-no-good 

If you’re a master manipulator or have the perfect poker face, these games are just for you. Try playing these fun interactive games with your team and see who is the most cunning and sly. For every game listed below, members of your team will have to weed out a member who is not like the rest. Use a multiple choice activity to vote on which member is the most suspicious.

  • Mafia – A murderer is on the loose, can the town vote them out?
  • Spyfall – A spy is trying to track our location, can we spot the spy?
  • Among Us – You’re stuck in space trying to fix your spaceship but there is an imposter attacking your teammates. Vote them out!

Ghost stories around the virtual campfire

Set the Halloween mood at your next virtual hangout or happy hour by hosting a creepy storytelling session. Share a video of a campfire and have each member turn off the lights in their house to create a spooky ambiance. Then take turns sharing scary ghost stories. If you need inspiration, check out these 11 scary ghost stories. Add creepy music in the background to add to the experience. If ghost stories aren’t scary enough for you, try sharing true crime stories or plots of murder mystery novels.

Haunted virtual tours 

Love haunted houses? Recreate the fright of a haunted house tour with a haunted virtual tour! Take your team on a scary adventure by signing up for one of these virtual haunted house tours. Our team had our last company retreat (pre-COVID-19) at the Queen Mary and was able to go on a creepy boat tour. We would definitely recommend it!

Horror movie trivia night 

Are you a huge horror movie fan? Challenge your remote team to a game of trivia all about classic horror movies. From behind the scenes knowledge to fun facts, this trivia Competition will definitely bring the Halloween spirit.

Click here to copy this Competition directly to your Poll Everywhere account. Don’t have an account? Sign-up today and start creating your own Halloween-inspired Competitions and other interactive activities.

Haunting virtual backgrounds

If dressing up isn’t your thing, why not get creative with virtual backgrounds? Virtual backgrounds have become a huge hit in the online meeting world, with endless possibilities available from platforms like Canva. Set Halloween themes for your next meeting such as backgrounds inspired by the movie Beetlejuice.

Choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery party

Murder mystery parties are thrilling events that are easy to host virtually. Just like any regular murder mystery party, you and your team will follow a storyline and try to identify the murderer. The difference with a choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery party is instead of having a dedicated cast act out the mystery, you and your team will follow a bunch of clues and collectively vote to decide what happens. Follow along one of these 12 murder mystery games and set up a few multiple choice activities to ask your team after each checkpoint to discuss and vote on who they think the murderer is.

Whether you’re hosting a huge virtual Halloween party or having a small gathering with your coworkers, we hope you try out one of these fun activities! Follow us on Twitter (@PollEverywhere) for more interactive ideas on how to use Poll Everywhere activities at your next remote meeting.