6 done-for-you trivia games perfect for the virtual classroom

Many states are mandating that schools remain closed for the rest of the academic year as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This creates an unprecedented challenge for educators as they continue to adjust to remote learning and virtual classrooms. Teachers are getting creative with Zoom breakout sessions and TikTok assignments. One way people stay connected with friends and family is with virtual trivia games – a fun way to hang out and engage in some friendly competition. Why not bring this to your virtual classroom?

We created 6 ready-made Poll Everywhere Competitions you can easily play with your students over any video conferencing software. Click on the titles of each competition below to copy the activity directly into your account. Don’t have an account yet? Poll Everywhere is offering a free premium trial for all educators through July 16th. Sign up here.

Pro tip: Having trouble sharing your screen with your students? Learn how to present Poll Everywhere with Zoom.

Do you know these history facts?

History doesn’t have to be boring. Regardless of what subject you are teaching, break up the classroom routine with these engaging history facts! Energize your students with this competition and see who really knows their history. Copy this activity to your account or change the questions to match the content of your online lessons!

Let’s test your geography knowledge!

Earth is a fascinating place to live in. Which mountain is actually the tallest? Where is the deepest point of Earth located? Challenge your student’s geography knowledge with this competition.

The most well-known scientists in history!

Did you know that Isaac Newton did his best work while at home during the Black Plague? Inspire your students to discover the next big thing in science with this competition. Okay, maybe they won’t invent a new element on the periodic table, but they can still have some fun with this virtual trivia game.

Let’s learn about famous authors!

We read their books and study their metaphors, but how much do we really know about famous authors like Virginia Woolf and Harper Lee? Add a little fun to your online English class by testing your students on their knowledge of these authors. While they’re at it, encourage them to read these authors’ works too! Now is a great time to read a new book.

All things Greek mythology

The fantasy adventure novels, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, by Rick Riordan has popularized Greek mythology amongst the younger generation. Bring some fun to your virtual classroom by quizzing your students on these Greek mythology facts.

Do you know about the body, the environment, and all things biology?

The world is full of incredible living organisms. What is the largest living structure? What causes the common cold? Turn these biology fun facts into an exciting in-class virtual trivia game with this competition.

We understand that keeping students engaged and attentive in a virtual classroom is difficult. For more virtual classroom inspiration and help, we’ve created a remote learning toolkit to help teachers adjust to the online teaching environment.