Streamline your organization’s workflow: Team managers are here

Poll Everywhere for Enterprise lets you turn meetings, training sessions, and executive AMAs into two-way conversations that propel your business forward. Create Teams, share activities with co-workers, and present with confidence knowing your materials are always up to date.

Now, we’ve made organization-wide collaboration even easier thanks to Team managers.

How it works

In only a few clicks, Team managers can share activities with teammates and add or remove existing users from their teams.

Unlike account admins, Team managers will only have access to the teams that they’ve been assigned to. They won’t be able to invite new users to the organization or modify organization-wide settings.

Why it matters

Picture this: you manage the People Ops team at your nationwide organization and you have a series of onboarding trainings coming up from coast to coast. You decide to integrate Poll Everywhere into your standard presentation deck to tailor the onboarding experience, boost engagement, and collect live feedback from your new hires.

How do you ensure that your regional teams of content creators, presenters, AV technicians, and moderators all have access to the right activities? Create cross-functional teams and allow Team managers to control user membership. That way, key players can log in to their individual Poll Everywhere accounts and view the activities before they’re presented.

With this new workflow, you can focus on what matters: consistent, secure presentations across your Poll Everywhere account.

To get started, log in to your Poll Everywhere account and invite or designate a Team manager for a specific team.

Interested in upgrading? Contact sales to learn more about Poll Everywhere for Enterprise.

Learn more & see it in action

If you’re looking to take collaboration to the next level in your organization’s Poll Everywhere account, tune in to our upcoming webinar: Collaborate seamlessly with Teams. Senior Product Manager Alex Gershon will walk through the ins and outs of Teams, including how to manage user permissions, share activities, and moderate live responses.

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