Customer spotlight: AP Statistics, Poll Everywhere, and a Funstravaganza!


How do you engage a room of 700 statistics professors who have just spent a week scoring hundreds of AP exams? With Poll Everywhere.

Erica Chauvet, a Statistics professor at Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania, led the closing ceremony, also known as the ‘Funstravaganza’, at the AP Statistics Reading in Kansas City for two years before her colleague introduced her to Poll Everywhere.

Incorporating Poll Everywhere into the ‘Funstravaganza’ offered a “cool and interactive way for statistics teachers to collect data – something they love to do – while also showcasing a product they could use in their classrooms to improve student engagement.”

“Choosing Poll Everywhere was easy due to its wide variety of capabilities that extend far beyond the multiple-choice questions. It is incredibly user-friendly, no clicker needed, and the fact that it works seamlessly with PowerPoint is huge! I also love that I can weave imagery between questions.”

“The audience’s response was fantastic. They were more engaged than ever before. Usually, with a room of over 700 people, it’s really hard to engage them; they’re typically just watching and observing. This time, they were a part of the show. They were yelling and cheering, obviously enjoying themselves! I wish I could [have] integrate Poll Everywhere even more.” says Erica.

Thinking outside of the Q&A box, Erica found a few unique and creative ways to use Poll Everywhere during her ‘Funstravaganza’: a game show and an improv scene! The audience responded as the fourth participant of the game show and during the improv scene, they chose what the ‘actors’ on stage would do next. With Poll Everywhere’s variety of features, the creativity from both the software and participants is endless.

Erica is excited to continue to incorporate Poll Everywhere into her Funstravaganza, and looks forward to experimenting with its other features. After using the Word Cloud and Clickable Image responses with great success, she’s eager to see what the use of the Competitions activity will bring.

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