Star Wars-inspired virtual trivia and icebreakers

May the fourth be with you! If you love Star Wars as much as you love virtual trivia, then this is for you. In honor of this exciting day, we’ve created four different activities you can play with your team, friends, and family. Just click on the titles below and copy the activity directly to your Poll Everywhere account. Don’t have a Poll Everywhere account? Create one today.

Let’s test your Star Wars knowledge

Does your company have a dedicated Star Wars fan club? Why not challenge them with fun Star Wars trivia! Celebrate May 4th with a virtual trivia game. The fast paced questions and ever-changing leaderboard will definitely get your team energized.

Spot Yoda 

Baby Yoda is the best thing to ever happen in 2020 hands-down. If your team is busy and can’t fit in an entire trivia game, start your next meeting with this fun game. Challenge your team to spot Yoda in this clickable image and see who has the most keen eyes.

Which Star Wars character best represents you? 

Admit it, we all love taking those “Which movie show character are you?” quizzes online. We’ve all done it, and we all definitely know which character we are. Why not share it with the team? This fun icebreaker can bring your team closer and start a fun conversation about their favorite Star Wars characters.

What is your favorite Star Wars fan theory?

Sometimes 11 films, a television series, video games, and Lego’s are not enough for an avid fan. Engage your team in an exciting conversation by asking them about their favorite fan theories that they’ve read.

What did you think of our Star Wars-inspired games? If our trivia is too easy for a real Star Wars fan, consider creating a Poll Everywhere account and create your own Competition about behind the scenes movie facts, origin stories of your favorite characters, and more.