How to create post-event survey questions and share the results

Poll Everywhere is a robust solution for creating post-event survey questions.

Without these questions, you’re essentially event planning in a vacuum. What did attendees think of your conference? How can you use that information to improve the next one? You’ll never know if you never ask.

Jason O’Rouke, senior director of public policy and federal affairs for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, used Poll Everywhere to survey over 2000 business owners across 25 interactive town hall meetings.

“Our staff could take what we found back to our leadership and we could say, ‘This is what business owners care about. This is going to be our number one priority for the next five years,'” said O’Rouke.

This post will show you how to create and share post-event survey questions using Poll Everywhere. But first, click the button below to see an example survey in action:

See an example survey, then make your own


If this is your first time visiting Poll Everywhere, welcome!

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system built to create and share online surveys using a variety of question types. Your can also use it to embed live, interactive polls directly into PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote – or present directly from the web.

Audiences respond online using their phones, laptops, or other devices, and the results update in real time.


Creating post-event survey questions using Poll Everywhere is easy.

To get started, create a free Poll Everywhere account and test drive your survey on a smaller audience. Upgrade any time for larger audience sizes and for additional features from the ‘Plans & Pricing’ page.

Once you have an account, you can create your first survey:

1. Log in to your My Polls page, click ‘Create’
2. Select ‘Survey’ from the activity creator
3. Type in your survey questions, click ‘Create’
4. Share your new survey by clicking ‘Share’ next to the survey’s name

share post-event survey questions

And that’s all there is to it. Create a survey, share the link, and watch the results pour in. You control how long the survey remains open for responses.

If you took the example survey above, then you’re already familiar with some of Poll Everywhere’s different question types. Multiple choice and open-response questions are popular choices for post-event surveys. Here’s a closer look at how they work:

example post-event survey multi choice

Multiple choice polls are for simple feedback.

Attendees choose from a list of responses you create. You then see the results as a bar graph, such as the one shown here.

Questions such as ‘Would you recommend this event to a colleague?’ and ‘On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate your experience overall?’ are perfect candidates for a multiple choice poll. You can have up to 25 possible responses.


example post-event survey question free text

In an open-ended poll, your audience can respond by typing in as much text as they want.

By default, these responses appear as text balloons, but there are other ways to display this information, such as a word cloud.

These polls excel at answering ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ – such as, ‘How would you improve the convention experience?’ or ‘What was your favorite presentation and why?’ It’s also useful to ask your audience to summarize their experience in one word.


example post-event survey ranking question

Ranking polls are an interesting twist on the standard, multiple-choice question.

Attendees see a list of options you create and can move those option up or down in the list. The results are captured in a bar graph. Each option is assigned a rank – 1st, 2nd, 3rd – that changes based on how people respond.

You could ask ‘Rank these priorities from most to least important’ with ‘Networking’, ‘Education’, and ‘Generate Leads’.

Reports summarize each person’s responses

In the examples above, you can see that Poll Everywhere displays responses on a per-question basis. If you want to see responses on a per-user basis, then you need to create a ‘Survey results’ report.

‘Survey results’ is one of six reporting types available as part of certain premium plans (see Plans & Pricing for more details). You can whip one up in about four clicks and see a complete breakdown of how each person answered your post-event survey questions.

example post-event survey report

Above is a ‘Survey results’ report I created. See how each person is listed as ‘Unregistered’ under the Participant field? If you want to see who responded to your post-event survey, then you have two options:

Option 1: Ask as part of your survey

This is what I did in the above example. Each question in a survey is optional. If you ask someone for their name or email, and they don’t want to provide it, they can skip that question.

Option 2: Enable ‘Registered Participants Only’

Enabling ‘Registered participants only’ gives you more information about the respondents by requiring them to sign into a Poll Everywhere account before taking your survey.

Because of this, I recommend you only use this option if you’re surveying a smaller group – such as after a company event – or if you know the group already has some familiarity with Poll Everywhere.

With that in mind, here’s how you enabled registered participants only:

1. Go to your My Polls page
2. Click on any poll in your survey
3. Under ‘Response settings’ check ‘Registered participants only’


Another way to get data from your post-event survey questions is to connect a learning management system (LMS) with your Poll Everywhere account. Contact our friendly sales team to set up LMS integration for your account.

Otherwise, let us know what creative uses for polling you come up with by visiting the Poll Everywhere community. Share tips and stories with other PollEv users. You just might pick up some new polling strategies along the way.

Happy polling!

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