Create a poll in Slack and 5 tips to make it yours

Get instant feedback on any topic, all in one place, with Poll Everywhere for Slack. You create the poll in Slack, people respond in Slack, and the results update live as they are received. Whether you’re fielding questions after a meeting – or deciding where to order lunch – get clear responses in the platform your team already knows.

You have two types of Poll Everywhere polls to choose from: multiple choice and Q&A. Multiple choice gives people a curated list of responses to choose from, while Q&A lets them respond with any text (or emoji) they wish.

Poll Everywhere is the first web-based audience response system, with over a decade of audience engagement expertise that’s now available in Slack.

All you need is a Poll Everywhere account to get started. Don’t have one? Sign up for free today. Read on to learn how to get Poll Everywhere up and running in Slack, as well as a few extra tips to get the most from you polls.

Poll Everywhere for Slack

Create a poll in Slack with Poll Everywhere

Adding Poll Everywhere to Slack is easy. Just visit that page and select ‘Add to Slack’. Choose ‘Authorize’ on the following page, and you’re all set. Poll Everywhere and Slack are now best friends, and you’re ready to create your first poll in Slack.

Find Poll Everywhere in the Shortcuts menu on Slack or enter “/pollev” in the textbox to get started.

Create a multiple choice poll in Slack by entering your question, your configuration settings, and your response options.

Copy and paste a multiple choice poll into Slack

  • /pollev create What did you think of the presentation? Great, Good, Okay, Poor
  • /pollev create For when should we reschedule this event? Later today,Tomorrow,Next week
  • /pollev create Do you prefer spending time with friends or family? Friends,Family


There is another poll type you can create with Poll Everywhere for Slack: Q&A. Choose Question and answer after opening the Poll Everywhere app and enter your question to share it in your channels. Q&A polls let people respond with any text they wish and upvote or downvote each other’s answers in the thread.

Copy and paste a Q&A poll into Slack
  • /pollev create What questions do you have about what was presented?
  • /pollev create What’s one thing you learned from today’s guest speaker?
  • /pollev create What’s the best show on Netflix right now?


Large audience viewing poll

Use emoji in place of any text

You can use emoji alongside any text in your polls in Slack: question titles, response options, and even in responses to a Q&A. They work anywhere you would use text normally.

Share the results of any poll three different ways

The most important part of any poll is the results. That’s why Poll Everywhere has three ways to share poll results in Slack. First, when someone responds to a poll in Slack, they see a button to view all the results. Those results update live as more are received.

Second, you can download and share a screenshot of any poll. Visit My Polls inside of the Poll Everywhere web app, select a poll title, and then ‘Export’ in the bottom right. Choose ‘Screenshot’ and share that image. Third, also on My Polls, across from any poll, is a ‘Share’ link. Select ‘Share’ and locate the ‘Live results’ link. Copy and paste that into Slack as a quick reference for people.

Create a poll in Slack, respond from the web

Just because you create a poll in Slack doesn’t mean people have to respond in Slack. Poll Everywhere supports two additional ways to respond: on the web or via the Poll Everywhere app.

Try it yourself by selecting the title of an poll you created in Slack. This opens a new browser window with that poll. Activate the poll, and the on-screen instructions will update with details on how to respond on the web.

If you have the Poll Everywhere app installed this process is even easier. Follow the same steps as above to activate the poll, and then type the Poll Everywhere username into the app to respond. The app is handy for people who respond to a lot of Poll Everywhere polls. It saves your response history and a list of recent presenters for quick reference. Best of all, the app is free.

Audience responding to poll

Thread Q&A responses with follow-up questions

At Poll Everywhere HQ, we use Q&A polls at the end of meetings – large and small – to source questions and feedback. Everyone submits their responses and upvotes those from their peers. But every so often a question or comment comes up that’s not… 100% clear. In such cases, the person running the meeting will ask whoever submitted the comment to reach out in private for clarification.

This scenario isn’t a problem if you’re running the Q&A from Slack. Each response people submit is treated as an individual message in Slack. That means it can be threaded and discussed individually. If someone needs more information, or has a follow-up question to ask, they can do so right then and there in a thread for that response.

Pin Poll Everywhere polls for easy reference

If you’re expecting more than a handful of people to respond to your poll, consider pinning that poll in Slack. Pinning in Slack stores a message in that conversation’s details pane. People can view all pinned messages in a conversation by selecting ‘Show conversation details’ and ‘Pinned items’.

Pinning Poll Everywhere polls is generally a good idea, at least initially. As people respond to your poll, they will likely want to discuss the results. Doing so pushes the poll up the conversation such that people who are a little late may not see it. Adding a pin gives everyone an easy way to track down your poll regardless of when you first posted it.

Start polling in Slack today

Want to try live polling in Slack? Sign up for a free Poll Everywhere account, add it to Slack, and start creating polls in minutes. Poll Everywhere has a free plan that’s great for small groups or teams. Create as many polls as you like. When you’re ready to present to a larger audience, or need more advanced features, there’s a variety of paid plans to fit your needs.