Poll Everywhere in the news: 2022 press highlights

As much as 2021 was a rollercoaster of a year, 2022 was no different. The world has embraced a new work era of remote and hybrid workspaces, and with that, the workforce, employers, and office settings are shifting. Leaders are looking for ways to maximize engagement, improve company processes, and accommodate the needs of today’s workforce.  In parallel, the Poll Everywhere team moved to a fully remote organization, we piloted a four-day work week, and we had our first truly hybrid retreat. Through our pursuits and efforts this year, we’ve gained a great deal of presence in the media.

When it came to the challenges of hybrid and remote work security, we had a few things to say…

Mastering Security in a Hybrid-Work Setting – Spiceworks

“With organizations facing increased pressures, it’s time for organizations to rise to the challenge of successfully prioritizing security in hybrid work environments –  after all, they’re not going anywhere.”

A New Approach to Security for the Hybrid Work World – Small Business Currents

“In all respects, it is most vital to understand that cybersecurity policies should be comprehensive, functional, employee-friendly, adaptive, followed-by-all, and standardized. As the hybrid work space continues to evolve, these considerations should provide organizations with the proper basis for success.”

Poll Everywhere 2023 Predictions: Top Work From Home Trends in 2023 – VMblog

“In 2023, WFH security will be a high priority. Companies are increasingly embracing hybrid or remote work and require security to support this. As it becomes more important, employees will learn more about security, more secure tools will be used, and there will be a lot of security breaches caused by people.”

Best practices for learning and development remained top-of-mind…

Learning and Development Is the Key to Compliance in Life Sciences – Pharmaceutical Executive

“As pharmaceutical companies navigate fast-changing times, staff learning and development (L&D) has continued to play an enormous role in their continued success…Engaging, real-time L&D programs that give employers the ability to measure information absorption are vital for long-term training success.”

We expressed our ideas on remote people operations and company culture…

It’s Time for Recruiting to Become as Digitally-Friendly as Remote Work – Recruiter.com

“While surveys of employees often reflect a split in preference to remain fully or partially remote or go back full-time, the power for each individual to make this decision for themselves must be viewed as not a perk but a baseline expectation to retain talent. That means it’s time to start seeing this paradigm shift as permanent and adapt accordingly by treating hybrid engagement as a core part of a successful business. This begins with the way we recruit in the job market.”

Remote workers still need to meet in person, so these employers are taking their staff on vacation — WorkLife

“About 40% of Poll Everywhere’s 60-person staff was remote before the pandemic. In fact it’s had a contingent of remote employees for all of its 14 years. But after surveying staff during the pandemic there was strong sentiment to remain totally remote. So they’re shutting their downtown office, offering annual home office improvement stipends and holding a retreat in October, the first since January 2020.”

Remote Career Development: Kimberly Harris of Poll Everywhere On How To Advance and Enhance Your Career When You Are Working Remotely – Authority Magazine

“Understanding and implementing clear and consistent lines of communication are vital to a remote employee’s sense of value and connection to a company.”

Staying at the forefront of the working world, our 4DWW caught some eyes…

Lessons from US-based company’s trial of a four-day week – Personnel Today

“The concept of a four-day work week has gained traction in the UK, but how feasible is it in other markets? US-based company Poll Everywhere decided to trial a shorter working week, with some interesting results, writes Robert Graham.”

Four Day Workweek? – NBC Press:Here

“The encouraging thing is that [the company] expected to see employees really enjoy [the four-day work week], and in their own different ways. As an important part of our culture, we wanted to encourage people to have better mental health. We wanted people to be more excited when they were at work.”

And we let the world in on what we do best: remote and hybrid collaboration and engagement…

Poll Everywhere: Driving More Dynamic Engagement in a Hybrid World – The WorldatWork Podcast

“2022 will be the year of conquering the new workforce rhythm.”

Tapping into data analytics for more productive hybrid meetings – insideBIGDATA

“Meeting norms have undoubtedly changed amid hybrid work. As a result, companies are conducting most, if not all, of their team interactions online. This reality opens a very beneficial door for business leaders, as they’re able to reap the benefits of data analytics stemming from meetings.”

The Data Analytics Route to Better Meetings – Spiceworks

“Now that online encounters are the cultural norm in the workplace, it is time for them to start thinking more innovatively — enter data analytics.”

The Future of Communication Technology: Matt Diebolt of Poll Everywhere On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up How We Connect and Communicate With Each Other – Authority Magazine

“Poll Everywhere, a real-time response technology, fundamentally transforms the way people collaborate…Ultimately, it allows leaders to visualize employee feedback in real time, follow up on feedback, and uncover next steps — all while measuring engagement and adhering to the most rigorous requirements for privacy and security, which are key for remote work success.”

Our increasing visibility as industry thought leaders and our extensive knowledge are gaining considerable traction in the press, contributing to the expansion of our already strong name. As we head into the New Year, Poll Everywhere is excited to keep finding ways to improve our business and our product. Check out our library of case studies to learn more about the work we do and the results we’ve achieved.