Poll Everywhere in the news: Q1 2023 press highlights

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As the workforce landscape continues to evolve, many companies are welcoming new changes that prioritize employee satisfaction and productivity. From remote work to the four-day workweek, these changes have the potential to redefine the way we work. However, as we adapt to new ways of working, it’s important not to overlook other critical factors such as data privacy and employee feedback. At Poll Everywhere, we’re passionate about equipping hybrid teams with tools for audience engagement through live, inclusive Activities.

We’ve been paying close attention to the changes and trends in each of these areas, and we’re excited to share some of the media attention we’ve received in the first quarter of the year based on our thoughts and insights.

With our experience around the four-day workweek, we shared how to make it successful…

The Four-day WorkWeek: How To Make It Work – Spiceworks

“Employee mental health is a huge factor in workplace happiness and success. A positive work environment not only results in happier employees but has also been shown to increase productivity, writes Robert Graham.”

10 companies adopting a 4-day workweek that are hiring right now – CNBC

“Whatever the future holds for the trend becoming a norm, some companies are implementing it as their go-to schedule right now.”

We had conversations about the security challenges posed by hybrid and remote work…

24 Data Privacy Week Comments from Industry Experts in 2023 – Solutions Review

“Companies can significantly minimize the impact of [human error] by crafting best practices and creating training programs for the handling of data with the intent that it become second nature for all.”

10 Items to Consider for Data Privacy Day – Datamani

Alexander Pope once wrote: “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” But for Alec Nuñez, the director of business compliance at Poll Everywhere, a new mantra might read “To err is human, to mitigate data access security errors is divine.”

Celebrating Data Privacy Day – 28th January 2023  InformationSecurityBuzz

“The speed at which technology has, and will continue to, advance has inherently increased the importance of focusing on data privacy for any organization; protecting both company and customer data has always been a top priority, and while many companies continue to deploy new solutions to safeguard data, malicious actors still find new ways to access and steal sensitive data. Protecting this data is more important now than ever.”

Data Privacy Day Is Here – Why Organizations Should Care – DATAVERSITY

“Data privacy should be a priority for companies, as many organizations continue to deploy new solutions to safeguard data, and malicious actors continue to find new ways to access private data, writes Alec Nuñez.”

Security leaders share Data Privacy Week thoughts and advice – Security Magazine

“The number one issue when it comes to data privacy is the lack of education and guidance for an organization’s team. Human error has been and will continue to be the number one cause of data security issues; there is no competition. Companies can significantly minimize the impact of it by crafting best practices and creating training programs for the handling of data with the intent that it become second nature for all.”

Data Privacy Day 2023: Human Error Still Number One Cause Of Data Security Issues – Enterprise Security Tech

“The number one issue when it comes to data privacy is the lack of education and guidance for an organization’s team.”

Data Privacy Day and Ensuring our Safety in 2023  VMblog

“The principle of least privilege is a substantial foundation all companies can establish when it comes to mitigating data security risks.”

Remote Work and Compliance Approaches – Alec Nuñez, Poll Everywhere – TechStrong TV

While more people than ever may be returning to work, Alec Nuñez, director of business compliance at Poll Everywhere, argues that the number of workers who continue to work from home (WFH) has fundamentally altered how organizations must approach compliance.

2324: Poll Everywhere – Cybersecurity Tips for the Remote Workplace  The Tech Talks Podcast

“The shift to remote work has brought numerous changes to the professional landscape. Still, one often overlooked aspect is the need for robust security measures to protect employees and organizations. Alec Nuñez discusses the crucial topic of cybersecurity in the era of remote work.”

Lastly, we expressed our thoughts on improving employee engagement and productivity in the workplace…

‘Tis the Season for Reducing Employee Fatigue – HR Daily Advisor

“To combat “festive fatigue,” company leaders should implement initiatives such as recognizing employee achievements, creating mentorship programs, facilitating transparent communication, prioritizing mental health, and offering time for employees to give back to the community. By investing in these strategies, employees will feel supported, engaged, and motivated to bring their best selves to work.”

More Than A Third of Americans Are ‘Quiet Quitting’ – Newsweek

“To succeed in the autonomous remote work environment, they need greater mentoring than ever before. Younger employees simply don’t have well-developed professional networks to rely on because they lack workplace experience, says Robert Graham.”

Front-line managers hate giving feedback: Here’s how to help them – HR Morning

“Employee engagement is staggeringly low at just 21%. The main thing that businesses and their leaders need to do to solve employee disengagement is listen,” says Robert Graham. “When you take the time to listen to your staff, it makes them feel valued as well as understood. This raises their levels of engagement and drive, which has a positive effect on productivity.”

Balancing Different Generations Becomes Critical in Today’s Work Environment – Small Business Currents

“In the modern-day workplace, understanding the needs and wants of different generations is becoming increasingly important. With five generations currently working together, businesses must find ways to bridge the generational gap that exists to ensure their teams are balanced and productive, writes Robert Graham.”

As we continue to learn and grow as an organization, we hope to continue sharing our thought leadership. We’re eager to see what new trends unfold as we move forward in 2023. Check out our library of case studies to learn more about the work we do and the results we’ve achieved.