New Poll Everywhere Survey allows ANY poll type (and looks so good)

New surveys work harder and look better

Back in the olden days (last week), Poll Everywhere Survey View was handy enough, easy to share, but not quite as flexible as live polling. Sure, you could send your participants a link to a single page full of multiple-choice or open-ended polls. But you couldn’t include the more hands-on question types, like Q&A, Ranking polls, or Clickable image polls.

Take this old survey, for example. See all those grayed-out questions there? Those are the types Poll Everywhere surveys used to reject. They’re just sitting there like ghosts.

Before: Old surveys only allowed two question types

Old Poll Everywhere surveys rejected three question types.
Old surveys accepted only multiple choice and open-ended questions.

After: Same survey– Pretty, mobile, and oh so versatile


Poll Everywhere Survey levels up

The dog days of Poll Everywhere surveys are over. Now you can use any question type that’s out of beta. Here are the highlights:

Made for mobile

The new Poll Everywhere Survey design was based on surveys for mobile devices. That means it’s just as at home on a tiny smartphone as it is on your presentation screen. That’s important, because most participants use mobile phones or tablets to respond.

Intro screen for Poll Everywhere mobile survey
The start screen for the new survey is bright and inviting.

Oh so pretty

There’s a handy green bar to show your progress, and clear directions as you move along. Plus the new color scheme is both friendly and sleek. And now that you can use clickable images, your surveys can be full of beauty and surprises.

Poll Everywhere surveys have ranking polls and clickable images.
New surveys can include ranking polls and (adorable) clickable images.

All the questions

Poll Everywhere Survey now includes all available question types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Open-ended
  • Ranking polls
  • Clickable images
  • Q&A Polls

What does this mean for educators, corporate training pros, and event professionals?

This means you can distribute quizzes, course evaluations, homework, and event feedback surveys at will, with the full suite of Poll Everywhere question capabilities.

Throw in clickable diagrams or coordinate axes. Add a ranking question, or a Q&A Poll (great for brainstorming!) for tomorrow’s big discussion.

Include the survey link in your reply message to SMS text participants, or email a survey link to everyone in your audience. You can even add the survey link to an event app, or translate it into a QR code displayed on the big screen.

New Poll Everywhere Surveys are ready to accept responses anytime, to any question. Go wild.

Poll Everywhere Survey finish