Adding colleagues to your account just got a lot easier

Poll Everywhere is all about connection.

We connect presenters with the audience through the magic of live, interactive questions.

Now we’re taking that connectivity a step further by helping talented presenters work together. Starting today, all business and non-profit accounts are able to add one additional presenter to their account at no additional cost. Premium business and non-profit accounts can add additional presenters as well. All the details can be found on the Plans & Pricing page.

Everyone at Poll Everywhere is eager to see what exciting ideas emerge from simplified collaboration. Read on to discover what’s possible when you join forces with another presenter, and learn how to get someone added to your account.

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What will you accomplish with a second presenter?

Adding someone to your account lets you both view and collaborate on each other’s questions. It lets you share what’s in your Poll Everywhere account with another person.

Did your buddy in accounting just give a stellar presentation? If you’re both on the same Poll Everywhere account, you can check out their questions for inspiration, and even make copies of what they used. Maybe your boss is already a fan of polling, and wants some last-minute changes made to a question. If you’re on their account, you can pop in and make those edits on the fly without needing to swap account information.

One of the more convenient aspects of adding another presenter to your account is that it lets you share your questions without giving up your login information. Each person retains their own Poll Everywhere credentials, but they can still see what’s in the other’s account.


How do you send an invite to someone else?

Start by heading over to My Polls and selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu, and on the following screen, hit Manage users. You will see a screen like the one below:

From here, simply click the Add users button in the upper right and type in the email address of the person you want to invite. That person will then receive an email with a link to connect to your account. When they click that link, the manage users page will update to show that your accounts are linked.

As the person who sent the invite, you can control what level of access the other person has to your account. You can adjust whether that person can only view your questions, or make edits to them as well. For additional information on how to manager users on your account, check out this support article.

Adding someone to your account is an easy way to share premium features. If you have a premium Poll Everywhere business or non-profit account and you add someone who has a free account, that person will be able to use your reporting, grading, and other premium features.


Those are the basics of adding another person to your account. As a reminder, this update only affects business and non-profit accounts. See the Plans & Pricing page for more information.

Also be sure to check out some other recent Poll Everywhere updates, including faster, smoother poll chart animations and a redesigned response history page that gives you a snapshot of audience responses.

Happy polling!