Moodle and Poll Everywhere team up to simplify your classroom

Banner image announcing that Poll Everywhere now integrates with Moodle

Poll Everywhere is thrilled to unveil Moodle as our third LMS integration. Together with BlackBoard and Canvas, Poll Everywhere simplifies student engagement with the top three learning management systems worldwide.

“This project was driven by customer demand,” said project manager Brian Goodman. “It’s a real boon for all our teachers and lecturers, as well as a tremendous opportunity for Poll Everywhere.”

Educators can now automatically upload their student roster to Poll Everywhere at the start of the semester, and download grades to Moodle at the end.

To add Moodle integration to your Poll Everywhere account, simply contact our sales team. They’ll talk you through the entire process and answer any questions you have along the way. Just click the button below to get started, or read on for additional details.

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Upload roster, download grades

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If this is your first time hearing about Poll Everywhere – welcome!

Poll Everywhere is a clicker-free classroom response system that lets teachers and professors embed live, interactive polls into their lectures. Students respond from the privacy of their phones, and their responses appear live for everyone to see.

“Just like with Blackboard and Canvas, we built our Moodle integration to be lightweight,” said Paul Giovacchini, account manager. “It doesn’t take a lot of resources to setup or administer.” Once completed, this integration saves educators time by streamlining two common tasks:

  • Simplified student registration – Registering students with Poll Everywhere lets you track how each individual student responded to your polls. Import your student roster once and Poll Everywhere will automatically create a new account for each student. Students set their own password the first time they sign in.
  • Automated classroom grading – If you use graded polls (perfect for quizzes and tests) you can quickly export the results directly into Moodle. There’s no need to mess with formatting a spreadsheet or manually entering the grades yourself. Poll Everywhere fits neatly into your workflow.


What’s next after Moodle?

higher education classroom with poll everywhere

If you don’t use BlackBoard, Canvas, or Moodle, know that the team here at Poll Everywhere is working to bring your preferred LMS into the fold.

“Hopefully, the work we put into integrating with Moodle’s LTI 2.0 framework will become a building block that lets us integrate with other LMSs across higher- and corporate-ed,” said Giovacchini.

This integration was the second-highest requested feature with an open ticket on our suggestions forum. The development team is constantly checking and responding to requests on this page, so be sure to let us know what you’d like to see next from Poll Everywhere.


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