PollEv Mobile Voting

Improved Mobile Device Voting Experience

It’s no surprise that we’ve seen an ever increasing number of participants voting via their mobile device’s web browser as opposed to text messaging.  Text message voting will always have its place and benefits; however, the mobile browser provides endless possibilities for new presenter-audience interaction (some of which you’ll see below).  We’re really excited about this trend!

PollEv.com provides a web based voting and presentation experience which is fully-optimized for mobile browsers. Whether you’re participating or presenting, PollEv.com allows you to use the device you have in your pocket, bag, or hand right now.

Simplified Student Registration

For participants we’ve greatly simplified the registration process. This is great for teachers and presenters who are taking attendance or giving credit for poll replies. All of our educator accounts will now include a footer message notifying participants they can log in or create an account to receive credit from the presenter.

Mobile Voting Edu Registration Footer

For presenters who restrict voting to only registered participants, your audience will now be prompted to register before viewing and voting on the current poll.

mobile device voting registration required

Presenter Tools

We’ve also updated the design of the PollEv presenter tools. Head over to pollev.com/presenter on a mobile device to:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Below, you’ll find some samples of the updated screens:

Mobile Device Voting Pages



clickableimagenewnew waiting page

Mobile Device Presenter Pages

mypollsnew otfnew


New Clickable Image Poll (Presenter View)

Clickable Image Poll