What’s new? Surveys, pinned activities, activity images, and more

As we continue to find ways to connect with teammates virtually, we’ve become creative with how we stay in touch. Asking questions, promoting open dialogues, and collaborating seamlessly is especially important when we’re not face-to-face. Our newest enhancements in Poll Everywhere bring you more tools and features to ensure you’re focusing on those conversations and hearing from everyone.

Refreshed Surveys

Surveys are a great way to gather feedback, whether you’re meeting live or looking for responses anytime beyond the session. We’re excited to announce that Surveys received a major refresh.

When you edit a Survey, you can now see every question at a glance and adjust settings both for the individual activity as well as the overall Survey. On the title screen, you’ll see how many responses are coming in. Then, you can edit, add, or delete questions to customize your Survey.

Activate the Survey to give participants a chance to submit their thoughts live, or send the response link ahead of time so they can complete it on their own time.

To stop collecting responses, lock the Survey. Then, clear existing results before you distribute it again to start over with a clean slate.

Pinned Q&A activities

Keep a conversation running in the background with a pinned Q&A activity, which you can enable by navigating to your account settings — no activation necessary.

As questions, comments, and suggestions come up, participants can respond to the pinned activity, even when you activate others throughout the meeting. They’ll see a tab once they join your presentation on your unique pollev.com response page or via the Poll Everywhere mobile and desktop apps.

At the end of the session, take some time to go through the submissions to make sure everyone’s thoughts are addressed.

Images on Open-ended activities

You might have uploaded images to Multiple choice or Ranking activities before, and now we’re excited to bring images to Open-ended activities too. Get started by clicking the image icon next to the activity title to upload your file. As participants respond, they’ll see the image on their screens and weigh in. Then, you can start brainstorming, gathering feedback, or discussing as a group.

New Actions menu

You can now find the tools to share, edit, and collect responses on activities by clicking on the Actions menu on your activities and groups.

At the group level, you can add activities, rename, duplicate, and delete the entire collection of activities.

On each individual activity, you also have the option to copy the unique response link so you can gather feedback anytime — even when you’re not presenting live.

Updated naming

We’ve started updating the way we talk about key features in your Poll Everywhere account. You’ll find that polls are now called activities, and users (or subusers) are now presenters. Keep in mind that no functionality or permissions have changed.


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