12 interactive get-to-know-you questions to engage your remote team

“Name, job title, and an interesting fact about yourself!” We can’t count how many times we’ve answered this icebreaker in a meeting. It serves its purpose but it is so overdone and vague. What even counts as an interesting fact? You shuffle through so many random facts about yourself that by the time it gets to you, you’ve missed everyone else’s answers.

As a meeting host, instead of burdening your team with finding an interesting fact, ask a pinpointed question that is both fun and insightful. We’ve created 12 engaging get-to-know-you activities you can copy to your Poll Everywhere account and use at your next virtual meeting. If you don’t have an account, sign up today.

Well-being check-ins 

With the current state of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the last thing on anyone’s mind is an interesting fact. Your virtual team may be distracted or mentally checked out. They may be wrestling a fussy toddler or calming an anxious puppy during your remote meeting. Start your remote meeting with a well-being check to show solidarity and provide emotional support during these stressful times.

Lighten the mood

Poll: What's your favorite food (use emoji)?

If a picture is worth 1000 words then is an emoji worth 500? Energize your remote team at the start of your presentation by asking these fun questions.

Pro tip: Emojis are fully supported on Poll Everywhere! Create a giant emoji cloud or ask your team to use emojis instead of words to express feelings.

Interesting but relevant fact about yourself

Sharing about the time you skydived or the fact that you’re allergic to peanuts is interesting but not very relevant to your team members. While those answers may spark compelling conversations, they may not give your team members insight on your work-related interests or habits.

Asking the above questions can spark new connections amongst your team.  Perhaps the data analyst always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop. The team’s designer may offer to coach them, which creates a new bond between the two. Or maybe a majority of the team enjoys listening to R&B while working, resulting in a team Spotify playlist.

Share the inspiration

A person’s role model can reveal a lot about their core values and life aspirations. Ask your team to share who inspires them or what mantra they live by. Sharing aspirations can spark deeper conversations about career goals and personal growth. Your team can bond over overlapping goals and work to achieve them together, thus building trust and promoting collaboration.

The most fundamental part of a presentation is engaging the audience. Especially now with virtual conferences and online meetings, presentations are one-sided with closed webcams and mute microphones. Learn how Poll Everywhere can help keep your team engaged, turn your presentations into two-way conversations, and host effective online meetings.