Welcome Home: Your newest companion to Poll Everywhere

Have you ever logged in to your Poll Everywhere account and looked for an activity you edited recently or a support article that covers a new feature? With so many platforms in your presentation toolkit, getting back to your work quickly and seamlessly saves time and lets you focus on what matters most.

To help you navigate at a glance, we’re introducing a new Home dashboard to your account. Jump back into your recent work, get dedicated support, and browse helpful resources to help you make the most of your activities. Find quick actions, training, and features that bring your presentations to life. You can also explore features you haven’t tried before, or learn more about maximizing the activities you use to bring participants together.

Your Home dashboard will be an additional tab in your left-side navigation. Find your Activities, Teams, Reports, and more directly below the Home icon.

With this new view, your content is one click away. Log in today to explore your customized Home dashboard and become a Poll Everywhere expert.

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