18 icebreaker questions that are more fun with a phone

An icebreaker question is only as fun as its responses.

Without responses, all you have is awkward silence and a group of people looking down at their phones – not each other.

Coax your participants out of their shells with Poll Everywhere. This audience response system transforms participants’ phones and other devices into interactive presentation tools. Everyone can send responses to your icebreakers live, either online or via texting, and watch them appear on the big screen together.

This creates a level playing field for both introverts and extraverts to express themselves.

With six different poll types, Poll Everywhere has the right format for all sorts of fun icebreaker questions. I’ve prepared several examples below – with responses – to spark your imagination.


Quickly collect responses from all participants

Poll Everywhere lets you skip straight to the fun part of any icebreaker – the results.

Seeing the creativity on display, and sharing a laugh at the more humorous responses, is where the magic happens. Skip straight to the punchline by letting people respond simultaneously on their phones.

Responses are collected simultaneously. The results appear instantly. Everything is fast, fluid, and responsive so that you and your group can spend more time discussing the results.

Which do you fear most?

What vice could you never give up?

Which foreign countries have you visited?

What skill or talent do you wish you possessed?

Would you rather know the date or cause of your death?

You accidentally dented a parked car, but no one saw you. What do you do?

Moderation tools keep everyone on track

There are times when fun icebreaker questions can get a little… too fun.

If you want to play things safe – and curtail any jokers who might be too raw for your crowd – take advantage of the built-in Moderation feature.You can choose to automatically censor profane language, or personally approve each submission before it appears in your poll.

Moderation is only available on certain plans, so be sure to check the Plans & Pricing page for more details.

What’s your favorite food?

What’s the title of your autobiography?

How do you prefer to dance: alone or with others?

Do you prefer to spend time with friends or family?

What’s the most embarrassing haircut you’ve suffered through?

Share something you didn’t understand about the world as a kid:

Turn screenshots into shareable mementos

After your icebreaker is finished, don’t forget to save a screenshot of the chart, list, or colorful word cloud your group created together.

To save a screenshot, go to My Polls and click on one of your polls. On the next screen you’ll see a button labeled Export in the bottom-right. Click it and select Screenshot.

Poll Everywhere creates an saveable image of your poll for you to share with others.

What’s your lifehack of the week?

Do you prefer eReaders or books?

What sound or noise do you love?

What’s the strangest word you know?

Rank these pizza toppings from best to worst:

Describe a piece of clothing that felt painful to throw away:

Hungry for more icebreaker inspiration?