Fun icebreaker questions to bond with your students

It’s already time for a new school year and for kids (and teachers), this is an exciting time. The first day of school is the perfect time to get to know your students and help them get to know each other, too. Ice breaker questions encourage kids of all ages to get out of their shell and feel comfortable with their new teachers and classes. Here are some of our favorites! Click the ice breaker questions below to copy into your account. Don’t have an account yet? Create one here.

Ice breaker questions for elementary school students

It’s especially hard to start a new school year for the little ones, but these fun ice breaker questions can help them feel comfortable and encourage them to make new friends:


The best types of ice breaker questions for students are open-ended questions because those open a conversation up for further discussion. You can even ask follow up questions or play a fun game with their answers.

Ice breaker questions for middle school students

Middle school is an important milestone (and a little bit awkward), so ice breaker questions are the perfect way to help your students open up and get to know each other as the school year starts. These ice breaker questions help direct that attention to something fun:


For shy middle schoolers, you could also play a trivia game instead and provide answers that they can just pick. Sometimes, middle schoolers might not want to share their personal information so providing options and comparing the answers is a good way to spark a discussion but not push your middle schoolers out of their comfort zone.

Ice breaker questions for high school students


High schoolers are generally excited to start a new year. They’re almost on their own, and it shows! These ice breaker questions will help them think outside of the box, get them ready for the new year, and help you get to know them better:


To keep your high schoolers interested, make your ice breaker questions into an interactive game to get everyone involved. When they can see each other’s answers and compare themselves against their peers, they’re sure to open up and make new friends. Plus, you can save their answers from the first day of school and compare them to the last day of school to see how much they’ve progressed in the year.

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