All of the fall icebreakers you will ever need

Pumpkin spice this, pumpkin spice that – Americans are obsessed with fall, but why? According to a Chapman University psychologist and professor, we obsess over fall because we associate it with happy traditions and memories. Specifically this fall, “to combat the anxiety and sadness that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, people are looking to the fall and winter as a way to anchor themselves to feelings associated with comfort, belonging, and safety.” As a nice distraction from reality, let’s celebrate this fall season with as much pumpkin spice as we can with fun icebreakers.

Start your next online meeting, event, or class with one of these 20 fall icebreakers that are sure to get your remote audience feeling nostalgic. Click each link below to copy the Poll Everywhere activity directly to your account. Don’t have an account? Get started today by signing up below.

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Favorite fall scent or candle? 🕯

Favorite fall flavor? 🎃

Best fall treats? 🍪

Best fall beverage? ☕️

How fall are you? 🍁

What color are the leaves in your area?🍂

Favorite autumn soup?🥣

Favorite autumn desserts?🧁

Fondest fall memories?🎞

What family traditions do you have for the fall?🧡

Favorite fall activity?🍎

September, October, or November? Which is the best month for fall?🗓

Apple cider or pumpkin spice?🍏

What’s your favorite fall decoration?🖼

Favorite fall seasonal items from your grocery store?🍪

Rank the best fall candy🍫

Favorite fall clothing?🧣

Favorite fall textiles?🧶

Your fall decor must-haves🦃

We hope these icebreakers help lighten the mood at your next meeting and bring warm fuzzy feelings to everyone. If your team loves Slack or Microsoft Teams, try the Poll Everywhere Slack integration or stay in the loop for our upcoming Microsoft Teams integration and ask these fun poll questions in your group chats.