Announcing Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint version 3

Last week marked one of the biggest milestones for the desktop apps at Poll Everywhere. We are proud to share that we have released version 3 of Poll Everywhere for Windows PowerPoint. In this release, we have added better support for remote screen sharing and improved core parts of our app.


In a recent article, we discussed our interest and experimentation with a framework called ElectronJS. We detailed how excited are team was by this framework and that we were exploring the idea of integrating it into our apps.

A few months ago we asked our team to start retrofitting our apps by replacing our old engine with ElectronJS. In a recent release, we started running this new engine side-by-side with our current one to begin our alpha testing phase. You probably never noticed because we made sure that the new engine was only used for small features and run for a very small subset of our presenters.

We have been very happy with the reliability of the new core rendering engine.

Our team decided to move forward with this transition.

We have officially removed the old engine and are running our app entirely with ElectronJS in version 3 of the Windows app.


Our goal was to make sure that nothing substantially changed with any of the features and experience currently in the app. We are confident that we have achieved our goals.

Along with our core features like creating, inserting, and presenting activities, you can expect:

  • Full integration with screen sharing: With the app, choose only your PowerPoint window when sharing your screen during an online meeting. Your Poll Everywhere activities will activate as soon as you advance to the next slide.
  • A fresh new look and feel for creating and inserting activities: Choose from a variety of templates for your unique goals. Then, customize activities, manage their settings, and organize them into folders — all without leaving the app.
  • Future security updates from Google
  • And our new core engine ElectronJS

Download the latest version from