New for 2016, updates on your Poll Everywhere account

We spent the last quarter of 2015 on a laundry list of your top suggestions for new features and little improvements. It all adds up to easier editing, sharing, and presenting for you. ‘Copy a group’ has moved out of Labs Everyone can now copy an entire group of polls. Hover over the poll group’s… continue reading »

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Warning: This Will Make You Hungry (for more Polling)

Here at Poll Everywhere, we are absolutely dependent on our mobile phones. We check email on the go, read the news when we first wake up in bed, work and play (patiently) while waiting in line, and sometimes even make or take a call. Like everyone else, we love beautiful design.  Lots of companies focus… continue reading »

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We Have Entered the Texting Age

We happened upon an awesome article about the Texting Revolution. The article was so rich of the good stuff that we had to share it with all of you, and by good stuff I mean interesting stats, videos and great graphics.  Here’s your fact of the day: 3,339 texts sent and received per month for… continue reading »

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