Skype in the Classroom

Teachers know that learning doesn’t stop within the walls of a classroom.  One great tool that pushes those four walls away is Skype.  Skype is a free video calling, web tool that can transform learning in the classroom by inviting in the world. Educational uses for Skype, however, can go beyond the classroom and include administrative uses to bring teachers professional development opportunities or to hold conferences with parents who are unable to attend traditional meetings because of time constraints, lack of transportation, or perhaps an illness or disability.  Skype can make a connection with students or stakeholders that can create relationships that will make a positive difference.

Skype in the Classroom provides a link for educators to connect from around the world.  It also has a bank of project ideas for those excited about connecting but still in need of some inspiration for lessons. Skype can work for a variety of grade levels, from 1st grade to college, and subject areas are only confined to one’s imagination.