Template polls save you time and sanity


Frequent poll creators know how tedious it can be to click through dozens of polls to change one setting, like adding a logo, selecting the company-approved background color, or enabling text message responses. There’s an easier way.

Meet your new friend, the template poll.

The template poll allows you to change all the settings one time, on one poll. Then you can apply those freshly-polished poll settings to all your future polls (and current polls too, for visual settings). Here’s how:

  1. Set up one poll exactly the way you like. Make sure to set the visual settings, response settings, and lock settings. It’s best to use a multiple-choice type, so you can choose the look of the labels and bars too.Visual settings and response settings
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down to Poll Settings.
  3. Select the poll you prepared.
  4. Now choose: To apply that poll’s visual settings to both existing and future polls, click Apply to all my polls. To apply visual and response settings only to future polls, skip that button, and go straight to Update profile.
  5. Click Update profile.how to set a poll template

If you apply to all…

If you click Apply to all my polls, the template poll’s visual settings (colors, logo, background image, etc.) will appear on all your existing polls. Response settings for your existing polls will not change. But regardless of whether you choose to Apply to all my polls, future polls will take on both the response settings and visual settings of the template poll.

If you have sub-users on your account…

For account owners on university-wide, department-wide, or enterprise accounts, there’s one more option that can save you time and emails (and make your marketing team a little happier). It’s called the account template poll.

Just like a regular template poll, the account template poll applies visual and response settings to future polls. But in this case it applies to all sub-users’ future polls instead of just yours.

This is good news if your organization has strict rules about things like PowerPoint slide headers, logo usage, colors, and other design considerations. It’s also good news if you simply want to make sure sub-users don’t overflow their response limits by forgetting to keep allowances down to one, per person, per question.

The process is the same. Set up one poll the way you need it to look and function, then go back to the Settings page, and choose the template poll for your entire account.

Set an account template poll for all users on your account

Now all the polls you and your fellow users create will be be on-brand and ready to roll, effortlessly. Take that, tedium.

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