Redesigned home page and searchable support hub

New homepage, searchable support center

You may have already noticed the new home page, but you’ll also find a redesigned support hub with a new search system that helps you quickly find the information you need.

New Poll Everywhere home page

The home page now offers new paths to business, education, and event-specific polling ideas, as well as a more unified visual experience. The top navigation menu will remain largely the same, so you’ll be able to find your usual pages like before.

the new home page

Searchable support hub

The support hub includes the full introductory guides, and also a new set of concise help articles, revamped FAQs, and links to best practice documents. (You can still use your old bookmarks to find your favorite help content. However, you may want to take a minute to check out other materials and create additional bookmarks.)

Support center

Updated logo ready for download

On the new home page you’ll see a new Poll Everywhere logo. New logo assets are available for download, so you can update any materials about Poll Everywhere you may have created.

In the coming weeks, there will be faster chart visualizations, and a new look for your My Polls page. Throughout the year, you will continue to discover new features help you engage your audience or class.

blue Poll Everywhere logo

Where are these changes coming from?

The updates released today and later this year are part of a broad effort that began in 2016. Last fall, we took the rare opportunity to reflect on what we provide and the principles that drive us.

Read more about this process, and what we discovered, in the blog post Poll Everywhere’s guiding values.