Reflecting on 10 years of Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere skyline

A lot can happen in a year; even more in ten. It’s been a decade since Poll Everywhere was founded by two Deloitte consultants hoping against all odds to keep their audience of busy executives engaged.

Since 2008, we have grown to understand that engagement is rarely an end in and of itself. There’s always a purpose. There’s a point to every presentation, every lecture, every class. As a product and as a company, we’ve changed and grown in order to help our users achieve the ultimate purpose driving their presentation – whether it be to teach, persuade, convince, inspire, or to just be better.

Attention is the ultimate finite resource, and your ability to give a successful presentation depends on how you command attention.

At the same time, we’re also more aware of how important attention is in the moment. The concept of an attention economy is increasingly relevant, not just to software development, but to how we operate in our daily lives. Attention is seen as the ultimate finite resource, and your ability to give a successful presentation depends tremendously on how ably you command attention.

I believe most of our users understand this concept, either intuitively or through practice. For the last ten years, they’ve demonstrated the power of interactivity – of true engagement – in commanding attention. And they have done tremendous things with that attention. They’ve transformed organizations. They’ve changed minds. They’ve set policy changes into motion. And they’ve activated learning in countless students.

Poll Everywhere in 2018

Poll Everywhere team in 2018

Looking back on these ten years, everyone here at Poll Everywhere is grateful to have been a part of so many moments that have mattered to people and organizations. We all look forward to seeing what amazing things our users do with the engagement they cultivate.