It’s a Mars colony Q&A. What could possibly go wrong?


Hi, Elon.

We’ve been following your Mars colony news with all the wonder and curiosity our parents probably felt at the moon landing.

Then we watched this perfectly good Q&A get derailed by a few (drunk?) audience members…

Yeah. As someone who could be building rockets instead of answering questions about space poop, you handled that incredibly well. But we owe you a bit of an apology, because, frankly, we could have prevented this.

How the Q&A could have gone…

Rather than allowing the most uninhibited audience members to dominate the mic, we have a Q&A poll that quickly and silently collects everyone’s questions at once: both the bold and brash essayists, and the real knowledge-seekers. Then, just as instantly, everyone in the audience votes those questions up or down the ranking. Within a minute or two, you have an audience-ranked list of the best-of-the-best questions to answer.

And there’s more: If you, as the speaker, see a question that deserves attention, you can pin it to the top yourself. You can dismiss unwanted questions. You can highlight a question for focused discussion. It’s all up to you.

Here’s that same Q&A, ranked by the audience

From the most-loved questions down…

Elon Musk Mars Q&A

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The least salient questions have been democratically relegated the bottom of the list, where you can choose to ignore or address them.

Mars colony Q&A bottom of the list
Q&A polling is designed to steer the discussion where it’s supposed to go. Equal opportunity, but focused.

This is what we want for you, and SpaceX, and Mars travel. Good, space-age conversations, less crazy-crazy.

Your loyal fans,
The Poll Everywhere Team

P.S. Please, let us streamline your next Q&A, free of charge. It’s our humble contribution to the cause.


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