Graphical instructions for open-response polls

Sometimes your audience doesn’t quite get which code to put in front of their message.

Or perhaps you want a dramatic unveiling of the responses. You want to show the poll question, but not the results until they’re all in. (You love that gasp from your audience when you switch from the poll question to a beautiful word cloud. Gets ya every time.)

Graphical instructions for open-response polls is for you.

It makes voting nearly foolproof – at least for anyone who’s used a mobile phone at least once before in their lives. And as an added bonus for educators or the drama-craving presenter, it lets you show the questions and then only later reveal the responses. We’ve heard this is pretty great.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 5.17.31 PM

To display picture instructions, just hover over the top right of your open response poll and select “Hide results, Show Instructions.”



  • amcunningham

    Why can ‘hide/show’ responses not be toggled from the mobile presenter tool or am I missing something?

    • Vinnie

      Hey Anne,

      Sorry! That’s not possible with our mobile presenter tool. It’s a great idea, though! Unfortunately, we don’t have too many users taking advantage of our mobile presenter tool, so we haven’t got as much feedback.

      I’ll talk with the team about possible options!

      • amcunningham

        This surprises me. My workaround for the above is to have a holder slide with the question which I display as I manually push the poll from mobile presenter tools before advancing to the slide with results shown.

        But this entailed me to manage this process alone whilst my colleague did the presentation!

        That wasn’t sustainable :(

        So colleagues seemingly went back to TurningPoint which (I understand) allows results to be displayed after a defined interval.

        Thanks for looking into this.

        • Vinnie

          Thanks, Anne.

          Sorry we keep having the same conversations in both email and on our blog at the same time.

          I’d hope TurningPoint can at least do one thing we’re not already capable of ;)! That said, I’m going to propose some ideas to our development team tomorrow (the ideas you said would be good for this), and I think it’s a pretty easy fix, so we’ll see how it’s prioritized and I’ll let you know!

        • Brad Gessler

          Are you planning on using an iPad or iPhone to present?