November news: restoring deleted activities, activity flows, and a thankful Poll Everywhere team

Poll Everywhere Trash UI

Deleting activities, now with 200% more peace of mind

Ever wished you could resurrect a hastily deleted activity from My Polls? We have, too. Now, when you delete an activity, it’s moved to the Trash. Once it’s there, that activity stays there until you restore it or delete it forever.

So go ahead, delete to your heart’s content. You can always change your mind later.

New Year, New Uses for Poll Everywhere

Join us as we celebrate the most creative and engaging uses of Poll Everywhere in our end-of-year celebration webinar.

Poll Everywhere team members and power users will share their best tips, tricks, and tested techniques to plan engaging events. It’s the perfect way to spice up small meetings, lectures, townhalls, or corporate training sessions. Register for the webinar, and if you can’t make it, we’ll send a recording of the webinar once it’s available.

Poll Everywhere in Slack UI

Real-time messaging, meet instant feedback

What happens when you add instant feedback to the collaborative, real-time messaging platform beloved by educators and professionals?

If you’re an educator, skyrocketing engagement happens. No matter what you use it for, instant feedback is seamless with Poll Everywhere for Slack. Install it now and get started by typing “/pollev help” to bring up a handy list of commands.

Poll Everywhere activity flows

In case you missed it: Activity Flows simplify multi-step activities

Activity flows saves time and eliminates mouse clicks by inserting three distinct views of the same activity as three separate slides, all in one step. So, start with the instructions slide, then advance the presentation to display live results. Finally, lock the slide to prevent new responses.

Because each view lives on a separate slide, all you need to move between them is your keyboard or remote.

Activity flows (Beta) is available now for Google Slides (coming soon to PowerPoint and Keynote). See it in action.

Person holding iPhone displaying Competitions leaderboard, with confetti on the floor

Making the most of Poll Everywhere’s newest activity, Competitions

Since Competitions debuted this fall, we’ve seen some amazing demonstrations of gamification in the classroom from innovative educators.

We also fielded some questions as to how to make the most of this powerful new feature. So we put together a list of 12 ways to make the most of Competitions.

Reminder: outdated versions of Poll Everywhere expire December 1

After December 1, using older versions of Poll Everywhere for Windows and macOS may lead to unexpected behavior. To update to a supported version, select “Update” in the Poll Everywhere menu (“Check for updates” on macOS) and follow the onscreen instructions.

Enterprise users can simply contact their IT department. This change affects desktop versions of Poll Everywhere older than the following:

  • Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint on Windows version 2.5 (August 2018)
  • Poll Everywhere for macOS version 2.17 (August 2018)

In addition, all versions of Poll Everywhere running on macOS Yosemite (version 10.10, released in October 2014) or older will also be sunsetted. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of macOS, Mojave.

Update now for the best Poll Everywhere experience.

Thanksgiving poll

What are you thankful for?

We asked the Poll Everywhere team what they’re thankful for this year. Family topped the charts, but pumpkin pie wasn’t far behind.

Happy holidays to you and yours.