New! Mobile Presenter Tools

Poll Everywhere was built on the premise of replacing expensive proprietary ARS (Audience Response System) technology with standard mobile phone and web technology for polls. But (until now) we’ve focused more heavily on the participants in the room than the presenters; while some other solutions out there provide a good mobile experience for presenters as well. We know, so crazy!

Poll Everywhere Mobile Presenter Tools

Be a polling ninja! You now have the freedom to move about the room creating and managing existing polls from a tablet or smartphone.

Really, another app to download!?

Nope! Just go to on your table or smartphone. Simples! (Don’t forget to bookmark this for later!)

Can I create new polls on the fly?

Yep. Be spontaneous!  Create new “On-the-fly Polls” based on your participants’ feedback!  You can edit, analyze and modify the polls later when you are logged into your account.

Can I start polls? Stop polls? Clear polls? Moderate polls? View results live?

Yes times five!

Wait, will I still be able to change my visual settings, response message and other advanced features on my mobile device?

Yes! You can still use your mobile device to access our regular website at (You may wish to bookmark this, too.)

Speechless? Wait, there’s more: We’re also introducing a completely new feature, Push. With Push you can now choose a poll question to send to your page! What does it mean?  You can now present polls and receive live results with ONLY SMARTPHONES OR TABLETS — no projector or laptop required!.

So visit on your Android, iPhone, or iPad and take it for a spin!

One catch:  For now, only Safari, Android, and Firefox mobile browsers are supported.  We’ll update this page as we add more.