New for 2016, updates on your Poll Everywhere account

We spent the last quarter of 2015 on a laundry list of your top suggestions for new features and little improvements. It all adds up to easier editing, sharing, and presenting for you.

‘Copy a group’ has moved out of Labs


Everyone can now copy an entire group of polls. Hover over the poll group’s title, and you’ll see the option to copy.

Reports optimized for PDF and printing

You have the option to either print your poll reports the old-fashioned way, or print them to PDF for easy sharing. Just right click, or use your browser’s print function, and your reports will print out beautifully.

Download a batch of screenshots from My Polls

Select the titles of all the polls you want to capture on your My Polls page, then click ‘Screenshot’. You’ll be able to download an entire batch of chart captures. Works for word clouds, multiple choice charts, clickable images, anything you want to preserve or share.

New ‘Recent presentations’ list


Easier participation for everyone: When you visit or view the main participation screen on the PollEv mobile app, you’ll see a list of usernames for presentations you’ve recently joined. All you have to do is tap the one you’re coming back to. No username to type (unless it’s new to you). Great news for students and frequent meeting pollsters, especially.

More intuitive Q&A Poll rankings

Responses to Q&A polls have always been ranked. But by popular demand, we removed recency and speed as factors in the ranking. Now the ranking is cleanly decided by a simple upvote-downvote score. You can still see the most recent responses update live, by checking the ‘New’ tab on the poll chart.

New, mobile-style Shareable Response Link

Now you can share a mobile-style version of your poll’s web response page (perfect for polling by email). You’ll find this link to the right of your poll chart, under Present, Share.

Edit sub-users’ poll charts from Account Polls page

Account admins and owners can now adjust visual settings on any poll listed on the Account Polls page. That means you can be absolutely certain every single chart is on-brand and correctly configured for your meetings, classes, and events.

Include a hyperlink in a reply message

If your account includes custom replies to poll responses, you can now include a link to a website. Use it as a clever way to reveal the correct answer, or to provide further instruction on the topic, or to guide audience members to your homepage.

Correctness toggle added to mobile Presenter tool


That means whether you’ve got your laptop handy or not, you can show/hide the correct answer at just the right moment. You will see the new checkmark toggle when you update the Poll Everywhere mobile app for iOS or Android. Note: This control only appears on polls that already have a correct answer labeled. You can label correct answers from the Edit tab on your poll chart.

Better wifi warnings on the poll chart

If it looks like you don’t have a strong enough internet connection for successful polling, the new alert system will let you know. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Universal remote timer

Unlike the previous poll chart timer, the new one will affect every open window displaying the same poll. So if you start the countdown backstage, from your phone, or from a laptop in the next room, it will be sure to count down on the big screen, too.

Undo a botched response

Now participants can text ‘Undo’ or ‘Clear’ to take back a response they didn’t intend to make. On the web response page it’s even easier, with a ‘Clear response’ button right there at the bottom. Learn more.