How to navigate a remote interview

Are you recruiting and have a remote interview? The pandemic has forced many regular processes like interviewing to be done over video call and many may not be prepared for it. With 36 million Americans currently impacted by COVID-19 related lay-offs, standing out during a remote interview could give you a competitive advantage.We sat down with Kimberly Harris, Poll Everywhere’s People Operations Manager, to discuss her best advice for remote interviewing.

What is the most important thing a candidate can do in preparation for an interview?

“Establish your brand. Determine three things that make you YOU and prepare to support those three things with examples. You should tie those three things into the skills that the company is looking for. Use the STAR method for behavioral questions – Situation, Task, Action, and Results. Be ready to explain the decisions you made that had an impact.”

Best tips for conducting a professional remote interview?

“To avoid any difficulties during the interview, here are a few things to prepare:

  • Dress appropriately from head to toe
  • Minimize distractions: turn off your cell phone and notifications, settle yourself in a quiet room, and ensure that you have a clean background behind you
  • Prepare for technical difficulties: charge your computer, test your mic, check your internet connection, update software, and have backup platforms available in case of a crash
  • Maintain real eye contact: look at the camera instead of the person or yourself

Double check all details before your interview to ensure you are prepared. Keep water handy to stay hydrated, be yourself as much as possible and don’t forget to breathe!.”

What are recruiters looking for in candidates given the coronavirus pandemic?

“Prepare to share what you’ve learned about yourself during the pandemic and highlight how these skills or shifts in mindset might apply to the role or align with company values. Many folks are using this time to upskill and network, which is an important part of the job search process. Staying home has forced people to reflect and you may be expected to share. Other important soft skills to emphasize are communication and flexibility. Considering how stay at home orders have forced many of us to relearn how to communicate with our colleagues virtually, it is important to emphasize how you navigate virtual communication. With growing uncertainty about the stability of the market, employers want to see that you are adaptable and a team player.”

Any other advice you’d like to share?

“The job market is tough right now and many Americans are struggling as a result of massive layoffs. Recognizing that finances and other personal needs are important, you should still try to find something that will work for you. Find a company that fits your needs and supports you.”

If you’re currently job searching, don’t give up. Time’s are tough, but so are you! If you need more tips, consider checking out these 10 job search tips.