Make team decisions on the fly with the new Poll Everywhere app for Microsoft Teams

Online meeting fatigue has officially taken its toll on teams around the world. We’ve shifted our presentation styles to a virtual-friendly format and perfected our at-home video sets, but turning on a microphone or camera is still a burden for most participants in virtual gatherings, classes, and events. How do we keep lines of communication open even when we’re avoiding meetings-that-should-be-emails at all costs?

Many have substituted watercooler chats, office hours, and coffee break catch-ups with perfectly crafted conversation topics in Microsoft Teams, but sometimes it takes more than emoji reactions to gauge how everyone’s really doing beyond the daily chatter.

Integrate the Poll Everywhere for Teams app to keep everyone connected without the need for a dedicated meeting. You can start brainstorming sessions, align on key decisions, or vote on the next trivia competition theme with a question or two — all within your chats and conversations.

Get started by adding the app and you’ll be ready to create a Multiple choice activity directly from the Teams app menu. Then, watch teammates’ responses come in live as they respond directly to your message.

Try these questions for some quick inspiration:

  • What’s your favorite movie genre? Documentary,Action,Comedy
  • How would you rate today’s team meeting? 1,2,3,4,5
  • Which design is your favorite? A,B,C


The best part? Using the Poll Everywhere for Teams app will create fully functional activities in your account. After collecting feedback, you can view detailed response history, run reports, or configure an activity by logging in to your Poll Everywhere account.

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