March News: presenting with AirPlay and an ask-us-anything webinar

2018 iPad Pro displaying the new Poll Everywhere for iOS activity manager

Poll Everywhere for iOS Beta, now with AirPlay support

In a not-too-distant future, presenters can swipe through Poll Everywhere activities on their iPad, and display instructions and live charts on the big screen simultaneously and effortlessly.

A seamless presenting experience is just one of many additions to Poll Everywhere for iPhone and iPad. Sign up to receive the latest updates on the new Poll Everywhere—and an opportunity to test drive it yourself.

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Graphic with the title "Your Poll Everywhere questions answered" and photos of Poll Everywhere product managers

Announcing a special ask-me-anything event

On April 9 at 1PM PST, Poll Everywhere product managers Penny Yuan and Brian Goodman will host an ask-me-anything webinar.

Ask your most pressing audience engagement questions during the live chat session, or submit your questions beforehand (we’ll send a form right after you register).

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Collaboration in the classroom: 10 attention-grabbing uses for word clouds

Word clouds can help students reach a consensus, check emotional wellness, or ease into deep discussions. They’re fun, but they can also be surprisingly effective for a variety of student-engaging activities.

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Seated Poll Everywhere meeting attendees smiling and laughing

How Poll Everywhere does employee satisfaction surveys

Employee satisfaction measurement is on the rise, but it’s hard to quantify. We shared our own methods for a happy, healthy workforce — along with a downloadable CSV of the questions we use that you can import to your account.

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How to make remote work work

According to some reports, 50% of workers will be remote by 2020, and 68% of Millennials say the availability of remote work affects their career choices. The Poll Everywhere apps team is 100% remote, and they each shared the benefits and drawbacks (and their solutions to those drawbacks) in this informative interview.

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Macbook displaying a clickable image activity with shaded region marked as correct

Did you know?

When creating clickable images, you can mark a region of the image as correct if you want to grade the activity later. Just click the image during creation, resize the region that appears, and select the checkmark next to the region’s name to mark it as correct.