Customer spotlight: Jim Carroll on technology, innovation, and Poll Everywhere


After more than 25 years in the public speaking circuit, Futurist & Innovation Expert Jim Carroll began to notice that more people in his audience were spending time looking at their phones, so he decided to try to figure out how to deal with that fact. “I have to do something more to interact with the audience.”, Jim thought. The solution? Poll Everywhere.

Jim signed up with Poll Everywhere in 2008, and has since used it in hundreds of speaking events. “Poll Everywhere has become integral to every talk I do. I’ve never had tech issues [with Poll Everywhere]. Once, I called Poll Everywhere support from the stage and the issue was fixed immediately. That, to me, said it all”.


The audience has always responded well to Jim’s use of Poll Everywhere. “It helps me win business when clients ask if I interact with the audience”. Jim also notes that incorporating Poll Everywhere into his speaking engagements has been a great success due to the fact that everyone wants to be on their phone anyways. With the rise of phones, it’s become much more common for people to know how to use them. CEOs didn’t use to know how to text. Now, people of all ages are adept at using phones.

“I’ve found 3 key questions that help the audience to understand the innovation dilemma they are in:

How well do you think you’re prepared for the future?

Do you think your business model will be the same in 10 years?

After 10 years of asking these questions, every audience ever has said they’re not prepared for a faster future; they know everything will change but they continue to make excuses.”

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