Interview with a Chief Gaiety Officer, by Suzie Price

Ever wonder what’s going on behind the curtain at Poll Everywhere Central? (Here’s a hint: It involves a LOT of fancy coffee. And sometimes robots.)

Personal/Professional Development guru Suzie Price made our Product Manager, Steve Farrelly, sit still for a few minutes to talk details, and to ask him about the best corporate trainer polling ideas he’s seen so far. Here’s the podcast, at Priceless Professional Development (it’s pretty entertaining):

This chat includes lots of juicy tidbits for corporate trainers, like:

  • How corporate trainers use polling to break the ice for new employees
  • How to use clickable image polls for quick, multi-spectrum answers
  • How to use anonymous polling to bridge the gap between execs and employees

You might also learn a few things you didn’t really need to know, like the identity of that handsome mascot in the photo, but that’s life. Enjoy!