4 interactive games to celebrate Halloween


Halloween is just a day away! Holidays are a great time to think of creative ways to engage, inspire, and connect your coworkers or students. From costume contests to trivia games and pumpkin carving, Halloween provides many opportunities for festive and interactive games that keep your audience engaged. We offer four unique ways to celebrate Halloween, flex your creativity, and entertain your guests – all from within your Poll Everywhere account. We’re here to help you prepare for a frighteningly good time.

Costume contest

Whether you have spent weeks, days, or just a few hours planning your Halloween costume, give your creativity the spotlight it deserves. Besides, a Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a costume contest!

During your party or event, set up an area where people can write their name and costume onto a piece of paper if they want to be entered into the costume contest. After all of the contestants have entered their information, create a q&a poll in your Poll Everywhere account and enter contestants’ names and costumes. Don’t have a Poll Everywhere account? Create one here. Participants can upvote their favorites to determine the winner.

Hosting a large Halloween event? Create multiple categories to allow for more than one winner. Costume categories could include:

  • Best overall
  • Scariest
  • Funniest
  • Most creative
  • Best character
  • Best kids costume>
  • Best object
  • Best group costume

Pro tip: Choose costume categories after guests arrive. This way, you can see everyone’s costumes and decide which categories fit best.

Halloween trivia game

Who doesn’t love trivia? One of the benefits of trivia games is how customizable they are. Are most of your audience film buffs? Craft a Halloween horror film-themed trivia game. Does your team get frightfully excited about history? The history of Halloween might be a good theme for your trivia game. If your participants enjoy a good scare from swapping ghost stories, then ‘scary but true Halloween facts’ could add just the right amount of fright to your trivia game. The options are endless, the setup is simple. Create a competition directly within your Poll Everywhere account. Enter in your trivia questions and answers, and voila! Your Halloween inspired competition is complete. Watch as the leaderboard populates with your most knowledgable participants.

Click the trivia questions below to copy them into your Poll Everywhere account:

This horror flick opted for real human skeletons for its most iconic scene.

The Silence of the Lambs
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Bone Collector

The 26-hour filming of the final scene in (blank) caused the actress to suffer a mental breakdown.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Ring
The Shining

Sissy Spacek went to great lengths to add authenticity to the filming of Carrie. Which of the following did she do?

Slept in bloody clothes for multiple days 
Refrained from brushing her teeth
Kept vaseline in her hair
Busted her eardrum during the firehose scene

Which of the following Candyman facts is true?

Tony Todd had to put real bees in his mouth to film the climax of Candyman.
During filming, staff was notified by police of a dead body floating in a nearby river
Director Bernard Rose insisted on hypnotizing the actors before their scenes
Tony Todd negotiated a $5,000 bonus for every bee sting

Mercedes McCambridge employed which unusual tactics to create a truly demonic voice for her role in The Exorcist?

Swallowing raw eggs & chain-smoking
Developing extreme dehydration through the overconsumption of coffee and alcohol
Overeating spicy foods, causing acid reflux and throat ulcers
Inhaling balloons full of sulfur hexafluoride before each shoot

Pumpkin decorating contest


Did you know that people used to carve turnips instead of pumpkins to celebrate Halloween? Sometimes, change is a good thing. A pumpkin decorating contest is a great way to spark creativity, have fun, and engage guests of all ages. Similar to the costume contest, dedicate an area to pumpkin decorating shenanigans (this way, the mess stays in one place!). You could set up varying styles of example pumpkins to inspire your guests, or invite decorative ideas to be born from blank slates. Er, blank pumpkins. If sharp pumpkin carving tools aren’t your thing or aren’t appropriate for the age group of your event, paint, googly eyes, markers, and glitter are all safe substitutes.

Using Poll Everywhere to facilitate a pumpkin decorating contest is simple, and there are a few different methods to choose from.

Option 1: From your Poll Everywhere account, create a q&a poll populated with photos of the decorated pumpkins. Participants can upvote their favorites to determine a winner.

Option 2: Create a clickable image poll and upload a group photo of the decorated pumpkins. Setting the ‘correct area’ to the entire image, participants can click on their favorite pumpkins and the one with the most clicks wins!

Option 3: If your event has many attendants, you could have your guests form pumpkin-decorating groups. Upload a photo of each group’s pumpkin to a q&a poll and let participants upvote their favorites.

Multiple categories work well for this contest, too. Funniest, scariest, and most creative are all great options.

Write a twisted Halloween tale

Similar to the foldable paper game, Poll Everywhere can be used to craft your own spooky Halloween tale. From your Poll Everywhere account, create an open-ended poll. Ask your participants to respond with their suggestions for the opening line of the scary story. After everyone has submitted their responses, participants can upvote their favorites to determine a winner. Continue until the tale is complete, making the story as long or as short as you like. At the end, export the responses as a PDF to view them simultaneously. This interactive game can get pretty creative so be prepared for a lot of laughs!

Whether you’re planning a Halloween party for your class, coworkers, or friends and family, learn how Poll Everywhere can be used to engage, connect, and inspire your audience.